Hoecake quantity of heat is high reduce weight can eat hoecake

The quantity of heat of hoecake does not calculate actually particularly tall, after all the corn that its bases is health, just use when do panbroil the quantity of heat that may bring about it increases, can hoecake eat when reducing weight so?

Hoecake quantity of heat is high

The quantity of heat of hoecake is lower, because corn itself is food of a kind of coarse food grain, and it is to contain very rich cellulose among them, at the same time even all sorts of nutrient element exists, our human body needs these very much. And to a lot of people, when reducing weight, can choose to eat hoecake, and it is good to eat hoecake to taste not just, and hoecake is to be able to give us the candy cent with compensatory and many human body, return the quantity of heat with can complement certain, to us health has certain profit.

Reduce weight can eat hoecake

Reducing weight can eat hoecake. Because the nutrition of corn itself is richer,this is, the person that reduce weight should avoid alimental of high quantity of heat to absorb, can affect the result that reduce weight otherwise, but the chance that also reduced to absorb nutrient material at the same time, the raw material of hoecake is corn is contained rich protein, mineral wait with cellulose, right amount edible is helpful for the person that reduce weight compensatory nutrition, achieve the effect that health reduces weight. In addition, some rich prandial fiber are contained in hoecake, this kind of material can increase the peristalsis of intestines and stomach effectively, help human body is fast eduction is harmful material, suit edible of personage reducing weight very much.

The practice of hoecake

The corn face with 1 right amount preparation and flour, put them in clean container, the white sugar with right amount rejoin has mix.

In after 2 dry yeast

join right amount Wen Shuirong to change, be being put in container, rejoin egg and jade grain of rice, become flour agitate mushy, a hour controls the place that is put in warmth, make inside ferment adequately.

3 clean do not stick boiler to be put on fire to heat, when after was being heated up, the corn face that with ladle dip one spoon has fermented, even booth is on boiler, double-faced decoct fizzled out to be able to eat.

Do hoecake to want what to notice

1, avoid deepfry to perhaps panbroil as far as possible

When doing hoecake, had better be scatter on boiler the dot rinses or milk yoghurt is OK, avoid to use oily direct flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil as far as possible or decoct, the word that perhaps panbroils because of deepfry can destroy the nutrient value of hoecake, the nutrient value of such meeting loss hoecake, lost the nutrient value that has coarse food grain thereby.

2, do not add too much starch and candy cent

When doing hoecake, right amount those who join pink of flour of a few essence and pure amylaceous meeting to increase hoecake is exquisite degree, can improve mouthfeel effectively, but do not join too much, can make hoecake turns tall caloric into food otherwise, reduce its nutrition value.