Mai Ren has what nutrition value eat Mai Ren to have what profit

Everybody should have heard of rife food in the life, so do you understand food crops food grains other than wheat and rice? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all Mai Ren has what nutrition value, and eat Mai Ren what to profit there is? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

Mai Ren has what nutrition value

Mai Ren is grain of whole wheat grain, contain wheat kind whole camp nurturance divides frumentaceous. Nut gust of Mai Ren is heavier, this kind of fallow grain makes the additive of the grain products or biscuit, goods that bake. Wheat benevolence cent is soft, hard two kinds, but these two names do not represent his soft strong pitch. The distinction between both depends on: Content of its gluten protein. The gluten protein content of soft Mai Ren is inferior, be become to take leather flour by mill. And content of protein of gluten of hard Mai Ren is higher, be become by mill common, the flour with rich nutrition.

Eat Mai Ren to have what profit

1, improve gastric bowel function

Mairenmi contains rich vegetable protein not only, still contain a variety of amino acid and many cellulose. After people uses data of this kind of food, can promote gastric bowel peristalsis, accelerate the exudation of digestive juice, showing those who improve human body intestines and stomach to digest a function, reduce the excitant material harm to human body intestines and stomach. Often edible can adjust intestines and stomach, promote digest.

2, raise a heart to calm the nerves

Mairenmi is a kind of flavour the healthy food with melting, gentle nature. It can complement not only human body nutrition, still can adjust function of human body nerve. The active part that it contains but immediate effect at human body central nervous, have the main effect that raises a heart to calm the nerves. To the person move restlessly, the disease such as insomnia, angst, forgetful, be agitated has apparent recuperation effect.

Eat Mai Ren to have what what should notice

Influence of 1. Mai Ren is rich, but Mai Renzhong contains the candy element of certain amount, if be to suffer from diabetic person not to suit to eat too much Mai Ren, can accentuate otherwise symptom.

The nutrition of 2. Mai Ren is rich, but if be to suffer from,have hypertensive person, do not suit to eat too much Mai Ren, can accentuate otherwise hypertensive symptom.

3. Mai Ren can save period of time, but the Mai Ren that we do not suit to eat to those are about to deteriorate or had deteriorated, what can affect us otherwise is healthy.

When 4. eats Mai Ren, we also should notice diet is balanced, had better be to be able to be mixed melon and fruit is vegetable, still have have eat a few meat again kind, this appearance can help us absorb nutrition more.


We are in 5. when eating Mai Ren, because Mai Ren is thoroughlied cook very hard, when so we are boiling Mai Ren, time must grow a few, eat to still can cause indigestion occasionally without well-done Mai Ren otherwise.

How can Mai Ren eat

1, above all water of bubble of polished glutinous rice, Mai Ren bone of eliminate of 12 hours, drumstick, cut small, enter next right amount oyster sauce, right amount unripe smoke, cooking wine mixes divide evenly, add one spoon to give birth to pink to mix again divide evenly, souse half an hour. Water of red rice bubble 3 hours.

2, rinse into smaller part boiler in boiler, enter the polished glutinous rice with good bubble, Mai Ren, red rice, boil 5 minutes, fish out.

3, prepare chicken, join bead of polished glutinous rice, Mai Ren, red rice, Xianggu mushroom, corn, lima-bean to mix divide evenly.

4, palm leaf 50% discount, break funnel record, put those who had mixed to feed capable person, break upturned palm part of a historical period downward from back, insert two Xie Zhong, place steam box next, put a pot for steaming food, lie between water steam 40 minutes, can give boiler to enjoy.