Qiu Li creams when to eat best Qiu Li to cream anteprandial still drink after the meal

Qiu Li creams is together very the food of preserve one's health, it is to use pear to boil a medicinal food that makes, if in Qiu Dong season eats, be particularly good to lung, be if eating Qiu Li to cream, so be in anteprandial be still meal hind?

Qiu Li creams when to eat best

Qiu Li creams when be being drunk is possible, without rigid limitation.

1, in the morning

Although be to relieve a cough,Qiu Li creams expectorant, qing Dynasty heats up the magical drink of reduce internal heat, but its sex is cool, those who drink is too urgent too fierce, can cause the symptom such as diarrhoea bellyacke. Especially in the morning, should not be hollow and drinkable, should add in hot milk or hot water, wait for its the ability after complete photograph be in harmony but drinkable. Won't cause harm to the stomach not only so, the very good also effectiveness that developed Qiu Li to cream.

2, midday

Qiu Li creams get all the time of people like, because its smell is sweet, be accepted by people place easily. Nevertheless, sweetmeat is unfavorable edible is overmuch, especially before lunch more cannot edible. So, edible Qiu Li creams midday, should be in after the meal after a hour drinkable, and drinkable quantity cannot too big, one small spoon can.

3, in the evening

Food of anteprandial edible sweet taste, alimental of meeting block up is digested normally, still can increase adipose, can bring about diabetic, tall blood fat, the happening of the disease such as tall blood sugar. Accordingly, late anteprandial and unfavorable drinkable Qiu Li creams. Right drinkable time is the one hour hind after dinner, can cream Qiu Li of one small spoon mix in hot water drinkable.

Qiu Li creams anteprandial still drink after the meal

Qiu Li creams anteprandial perhaps be being drunk after the meal is possible.

One cannikin falls to be drunk before have a meal, have a meal again next, be helpful for the absorption of active ingredient quite so, but what do not drink everyday is too much, because compare sweet. But if taste is frailer, suggest to eat after the meal, reduce the stimulation that to gastric bowel.

What is Qiu Li creams

Qiu Li creams also call snow pear syrup, it is a traditional medicinal food. According to legend only then Yu Tangchao. The Qiu Li with concentration (or pear of a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province, snowflake) for main raw material, deserve to relieve

a cough with other, make expectoration easy, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, embellish lung medicaments, feed the raw material that is the same as a source to boil the medicinal food drink that make and becomes meticulously like the medicine such as juice of section of virgin soil, the root of kudzu vine, turnip, the tuber of dwarf lilyturf, lotus root, ginger, the bulb of fritillary, honey, clinical on commonly used the lobar heat that because heat up dry,hurts ferry be caused by at cure is irritated thirsty, dry shade of lung of frowsty, internal lesion caused by overexertion, cough spit white phlegmy, long cough the respiratory tract disease such as haemoptysis. Qiu Li creams in the past is medicines and chemical reagents of the appropriative inside palace, come out by drive cure till quiet day palace, just circulate in folk. Because use the autumn pear modulation of Beijing suburb all the time later, be in capital sale, made Beijing traditional special local product so.

Qiu Li creams how much to drink everyday

One big ladle (common eat spoon can) enough. One day had better not exceed 3 times.

The word of children, besides should drink special children autumn pear syrup, the word of the quantity should notice more. The word of specific time, generally speaking early in late but drinkable, morning of a lot of people is taken when breakfast edible. Qiu Li creams the gender is cool, cold, hands or feet sends taste empty to the person of have diarrhoea of jalf congealed of cool, defecate had better eat less or do not eat, lest empty is cold the symptom is aggravating, easier diarrhoea, the patient that even if is easy get angry, defecate doing, cough also does not want to be drunk more, should stop where it should stop.