The practice guava of guava juice juice is good drink

Guava is the fruit with very high value of a kind of nutrition, and the fruit juice nature that uses guava crush out is very healthy also, have a lot of profit to the body, so how should oneself make guava juice in the home?

The practice of guava juice

1, pare guava, along guava itself inside reticulation road dissections, pare very easily fructification.

2, after paring, put extract fruit juice machine, according to oneself taste puts crystal sugar. Enter finally cool leave in vain.

3, filter with petty screen pack two come 3 times can drinkable. Put freezer to refrigerate mouthfeel much better!

Guava juice

is good drink

The smell of guava juice is sweet, between jujube of big blueness of gust interpose Yu Li and Taiwan, sweet spend moderate, mouthfeel is relaxed, drink rising also is special tastily. And some nutrient are contained in guava juice a lot of, suit to give birth to long budding children particularly, hypertensive, diabetic, fat person and intestines and stomach not beautiful person also should drink more, can alleviate disease.

The nutrient value of guava juice

Guava juice itself contains a lot ofsubstantial nutrient part, among them the content of protein and vitaminic C especially tall, still have the mineral element such as vitamin and vitaminic A, B, C and microelement calcium, phosphor, iron, Potassium additionally. Guava juice is rich still contain prandial fiber, carotene, adipose nurturance waiting for battalion to divide. The nutrient part such as fructose, cane sugar, amino acid is contained in guava juice additionally.

Gan Tian of guava juice flavour is juicily, pulp is silky, core does not have seed lesser, often take the nutrient part that place of OK and compensatory human body lacks, can improve the health raise fitness. The nutrient composition of guava juice not only comprehensive and microelement content is high, breakfast eats a guava juice to need with respect to place of OK and contented body if nutrition is protein, adipose etc and if the nutrient substance that lacks inside additional system is calcium, iron, prandial fiber, vitamin, the most important is guava juice place contained adipose quantity of heat is inferior.

How does guava choose

1. sees the surface. The peel of high grade guava is green commonly, yellow, cuticular and smooth, without stain and crack.

Weight of 2. weigh in hand. Fresh guava takes the feeling that can have heavy. If be taken lighter, explain guava is not fresh.

3. chooses mouthfeel. The guava that feels harder, taste can a bit more fragile commonly, this kind of mouthfeel is fragile fragile guava is general cuticular and smooth, color is lighter. Feel bouncier and fragrance is full-bodied, taste commonly mouthfeel will be unbroken.