Water of bubble of Chinese toon seed can be drunk every day does water of bubble of Chinese toon seed have side effect

Water of bubble of Chinese toon seed is drunk is a very common kind of officinal means actually, it is having not little profit to our body, nevertheless after all Chinese toon seed contains property of a medicine, so does it have side effect after all?

Can be water of bubble of Chinese toon seed drunk every day

Not OK, drink water of bubble of Chinese toon seed every day bad.

Chinese toon seed is a kind of C

hinese traditional medicine, although do not have noxiousness, but the constitutional circumstance of the person that the sexual flavour with its lukewarm sex can affect edible, long-term edible appears likely the circumstance with too hot and dry constitution. And the tan acid content in Chinese toon seed is exorbitant, alvine path is astringent increase, excrement and urine eliminates difficulty to increase, have costive possibility then. But slight diarrhoea when edible water of bubble of seed of a few Chinese toon has profit.

Does water of bubble of Chinese toon seed have side effect

Have side effect.

Although Chinese toon seed is avirulent, but besides the nutrient part that Chinese toon seed contains besides itself, still contain the tannic acid of a few water-solubility, the excessive outside the meeting in bubble water process, and tannic acid has convergent effect, path of can exciting bowel is contractive, accentuation digests a burden, affect normal defecate situation even, because water of bubble of seed of this Chinese toon is,have side effect.

Chinese toon seed is drunk much have what side effect

1 constipation

Chinese toon seed is avirulent without excitant, it is a kind of composition that does not have noxiousness, edible won't appear commonly side-effect, but the tan acid content that contains in Chinese toon seed is higher, have the effect that apparent convergent bowel, although diarrhoea when the effect that seed of edible Chinese toon has certain help to treat, but if normal crowd edible water of overmuch bubble of Chinese toon seed, can convergent bowel, increase the difficulty of defecate, go against healthy.

2 influences appetite

The gust part such as acrid element is contained in Chinese toon seed, not be everybody has can accept, a few person edible that like edible have appetizing, hurried digestive action, but a few crowd edible that cannot accept, can feel mouth is uncomfortable have hemp of a kind of hemp, unwell feeling, can affect appetite.

3 abdominal distension

Drink water of bubble of Chinese toon seed not to chew the word issue that feeds Chinese toon not quite, but water of bubble of seed of drinkable Chinese toon while chew eat Chinese toon seed, many cellulose and protein meeting save up are in alvine path, edible appears easily too much abdominal distension possibility, and the tannic acid in Chinese toon seed is met react with protein, make thing of a few complexing, accentuation digests a burden.

Chinese toon seed has what effect

The main effect of Chinese toon seed is purify chill, and the diabetic needs little absorb candy cent, both without too big concern, nevertheless Chinese toon bud is had however fall fat falls the action of candy, cannot both promiscuous. The diabetic should follow doctor's advice, control food absorb candy cent, tie-in and prandial fiber will adjust, and should have campaign, cannot too rely on folk prescription. Only water of bubble of Chinese toon seed is not OK cure is diabetic.

But Chinese toon seed is having the function with cold drive, it is OK to be drunk with water of bubble of Chinese toon seed in the winter drive cold heat preservation is painful to hernia having the effect that alleviate, it is OK that with Lu Xian water of careless tie-in bubble is drunk precautionary chill catchs a cold, especially the body with winter icy hands or feet is cold person can undertake trying, and the old people in some arrives day of overcast and rainy is articulatory and aching, with hot water seed of strong bubble Chinese toon alleviates effectively rheumatism arthralgia.