What person cannot eat corrupt of young soya bean can pregnant woman eat corrupt of young soya bean

Corrupt of young soya bean is a kind very common feed capable person, it can be fried eat, scamper is worn eat, decoct is worn eat etc, having varied way, what person cannot eat corrupt of young soya bean so? Look together.

What person cannot eat corrupt of young soya bean

1 [the person of digestibility ulcer]

the patient that has digestibility ulcer is in daily life also should as far as possible eat bean products less, a few more special the digestibility ulcer patient with more severe case, should ban avoid edible more to bean products. Because many purine is contained in bean products,this is, this kind of material has effect of excretive of acetic chicken gastric juice, if if a large number of exudation, gastric juice is met,exciting stomach mucous membrane brings about cankerous accentuation thereby.

2 [the person with bad intestines and stomach] easy diarrhoea, abdominal distension lienal empty person, also cannot not feed bean curd more.

3 [take tetracycline kind the person of medicaments] if you are taking tetracycline kind medicaments, unfavorable also eat bean curd, because use bean curd,more calcium is contained in made provision, more magnesium is contained in the plaster stone that makes with bittern, tetracycline encounters calcic, magnesian meeting to produce reaction, reduce antiseptic effect.

4 [gouty patient] the patient that contracts gouty disease cannot eat bean curd likewise, the metabolization that because of gouty hair interpretation of the cause manages is purine is disorder, at the same time still disease of acerbity blood of high make water is main feature. Contain that is to say high protein, tall adipose food is gouty patient needs to prohibit of edible.

Can pregnant woman eat corrupt of young soya bean

To pregnant woman, can eat bean curd, the nature of corrupt of young soya bean that uses bean curd make it then also can have.

Bean curd nutrition is rich, contain a variety of microelement with the indispensible human body such as iron, calcic, phosphor, magnesium, still contain oil of carbohydrate, vegetable and rich high grade protein, its digest absorptivity to amount to 95% above. Bean curd is the elite of bean products. And soja has rich nutrition, soja of every 100 grams can offer the protein of nearly 40 grams for human body, it is thin porky 2 times, of the egg 3 times, of milk 12 times, of the fish 2 times much, suit pregnant woman food particularly. Two small bean curd, can satisfy a person one day calcic demand. Bean curd is the good food of pregnant puerpera, also be darling grows the important food of development.

The practice of the daily life of a family of corrupt of young soya bean

Material: Sauce of candy of peanut oil, soy, Bai Sha, pepper, salt, gourmet powder, green Chinese onion, ginger


1 cut corrupt of every young soya bean respectively 3 to 4;

2 boiler wear fire to go up, put oil to burn to 56 into heat, make the same score the wool bean curd that has cut put bowl inside (cannot fold) ;

3 decoct come two sides yellow, when skin is corrugate, join; of onion powder, Jiang Mo, soy, salt, candy and a few Xian Shang

4 after be being burned, burn again 4 to 5 minutes, join gourmet powder, can fill dish inside, pepper sauce dips in when feeding.

What is corrupt of young soya bean

Corrupt of young soya bean is called to be fermented bean curd again, it is to used bean curd to pass ferment a kind when make and become special feed capable person, corrupt of young soya bean is in barmy process, chairman gives white nap, because this gets a name,be corrupt of young soya bean. The Anhui province that corrupt of young soya bean is in our country is special be current, a lot of people like to eat corrupt of young soya bean very much, because the mouthfeel of corrupt of young soya bean is exceeding delicious, and also have certain nutrient material in corrupt of young soya bean, got so consistent commend of everybody.