Charles Barkley is full of interesting thoughts, and nearly everything he says becomes a headline. But he doesn't share those ideas on Twitter because he doesn't have an account.

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The TNT analyst has shared his disdain for the social media platform before, but on Tuesday he revealed he's been offered tons of money to send out 140-characters of what's in his head. How much money? According to Barkley, $3 million.

"I've been offered as much as $3 million to do tweets. I said, 'Y'all can

't pay me enough money to tweet,'" he said Tuesday on the Dan Le Batard Show. "I will never tweet, I will never do Instagram or any type of social media because ... there's some evil people who sit behind a computer and feel like they can say anything to anybody. And the media, y'all have given them that type of power."

Barkley says he has "enough money" where he doesn't need to accept it and engage with "these fools" on the internet. His reasoning for not joining social media makes sense, but who is out there willing to pay him millions of dollars to tweet?

Were there requirements in this Twitter contract for Barkley? If not, all he has to do is send out simplistic tweets like Magic Johnson and just cash in for that pay day.

"The @Cavs won the NBA Finals! Congrats to them!"

Maybe Barkley knows deep down in his heart that he can't resist the temptation to send something more than that. It's just easier for him to never sign up and let other people make mistakes.