Cavaliers' head coach David Blatt has come under heavy media scrutiny in the past 24 hours despite his team winning Game 4 of its NBA playoff series on Sunday against the Bulls.

After admitting that he attempted to call a timeout when his team had none left — an infraction that should have resulted in a technical foul — LeBron James let it slip that Blatt wanted him to inbounds the ball on the final play instead of shooting it.

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James wasn't having it, so he changed the play and ultimately won the game for the Cavaliers at the buzzer.

On Monday afternoon, Blatt was asked about the criticism he faces as head coach of the Cavaliers and arguably the most polarizing athlete on the planet. His answer was, um, interesting.

Yes, a pro basketball coach just compared his decision-making process to that of a fighter pilot. Also, how does Blatt know the thought process of a fighter pilot? Is there something he isn't telling us?


Of course, Twitter users had some fun with it.

Players and coaches often try to compare sports to war or other military-related subjects and the metaphors rarely, if ever, work.

While we want to understand what he's getting at, maybe he would have been better served comparing his job to, say, a brain surgeon or nuclear physicist. 

Those seem like pretty easy jobs.