As we gear up to the NBA Finals showdown between LeBron James and Stephen Curry, it's time to dig deep into the stats of the two superstar players. We know how they perform on the court, but what about on Facebook?

The Cavaliers and Warriors have been dominating conversations on social media all year, but since the playoffs started on April 18, 26 million people have generated over 165 million posts, comments and like about the two teams. Of course, James and Curry spark those passionate discussions.

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which superstar gets mentioned the most? According to the below Facebook map documenting conversations by U.S. counties, LeBron handily beats Curry in almost every state but California. In fact, Curry doesn't even take his home state of North Carolina or Mecklenburg County where he grew up in Charlotte and went to school at Davidson.

Meanwhile, 19 states went completely in James' favor, including his home Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana and Hawaii. East of the Mississippi River, the Cavaliers star only gave up 14 counties to his Warriors nemesis.

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Facebook Conversation Map: LeBron vs. Curry (Facebook)

The battle of Curry vs. James is all fun and games on Facebook, but just wait until they meet on the court. It could be anyone's game.