Despite the fact the media voted Kevin Durant th

e NBA MVP last year, Durant wants some of those voters to have less of a say in the matter.

When asked Friday at All-Star Weekend if players should be part of the voting for the league's top individual awards, Durant took a strong stance.

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"I think (the) media gets too much power to vote on stuff like that, quite frankly. I don't think you really know a lot about (who should win) as much we know about it," Durant said, via "So we play against these guys every single night, we battle against these guys, we know what they say on the court, we know how they handle their teammates, we know how they approach the game, and our votes should count.

"I don't think you guys (media) know as much we do and I don't see why you have more power than we do."

ESPN noted that 124 media members vote on the award, while fan balloting counts as a 125th vote. Points are awarded on a 10-7-5-3-1 basis for first through fifth place. Durant received 119 first-place votes and 1,232 points last year.

Durant said players' on-court experience against the candidates should trump the opinions of those who watch from afar.

"We really know these guys inside and out," quoted him as saying. "There are a lot of guys that deserve Defensive Player of the Year or Sixth Man of the Year but you guys (don't vote for them because) they are not the sexier names.

"You guys aren't in the scouting reports, you're not in the team meetings and the film sessions to really break down each player's games. I don't see why you have more power in voting than we do. We are out there on the court playing with them. We appreciate how you guys blow the game up and bring attention to the game, but at the same time, to keep it pure, the players should have more say in that stuff."

Durant also faulted media for relying on "narrative" rather than carefully analyzing players.

"There's a lot of guys that play extremely well for years and years and just starting to get MVP consideration. But I think that consistent play sometimes gets a little boring to people, but if you look at a guy like James Harden, he's been doing it for three years, same things, and people start to act like it's new," Durant said, per

"Steph Curry has been doing the same thing for three years and I guess the narrative (is) around their team but what he's been doing is new to everybody," Durant added. "Once you guys really watch games and realize what these guys have been doing consistently for years, it's nothing new. It's all the same. I guess the hype around it is a little different, so . . . of course everybody gets better but if you stay consistent in what you do it's not like they came out of nowhere."