LeBron James has positioned himself to have a significant role in future labor negotiations with the NBA. On Friday, reports surfaced that James will soon become the first vice president of the NBPA.

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Clippers point guard Chris Paul, who was elected NBPA President in August of 2013, had bee

n pushing for James to fill the position, per Yahoo Sports.

James previously considered running to be the president of the union in 2013, but withdrew when Paul announced his candidacy. Prior to Paul, Knicks coach Derek Fisher served as the NBPA president.

Voting on the position is currently in progress in an NBPA meeting in New York. James is expected to take his place beside Paul after All-Star Weekend.

Above all, James' role will help restore the NBA players’ voice in league matters, given his personal knowledge and experience with the league and its players on and off the court.

The NBA's current collective bargaining agreement with the NBPA expires after the 2021 season, but both sides have an opportunity to opt out of the agreement in 2017.