The Rockets don't like the Warriors and the Warriors don't like the Rockets. That much we know . Now that the two are amongst the best teams in the Western Conference with a pair of MVP candidates to show for it, that rivalry has only intensified.

When the Warriors came to town on Saturday for the third matchup of the season between the two, the Rockets took a subtle jab at Curry by putting their own spin on Drake's '0 to 100.'  According to ESPN , they removed Curry's name from the song as though it was a curse word.

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Like quite a few stadiums, the Toyota Center plays Drake’s “0 to 100” to get the crowd hyped. The version of the song they blasted before Saturday’s Rockets-Warriors game had one subtle alteration, though. Drake’s mentions of Stephen Curry were blanked out like curse words. 

It's not as though Drake brings up his name over and over again throughout the song — he only says 'Curry' twice

. Nevertheless, the phrase 'Steph Curry with the shot' has taken off, much like the young guard's MVP stock this season. Curry's wife remixed the song  and ESPN poked fun of it in their latest ' This is SportCenter ' commercial. 

As for the game, the Warriors won handidly by a final score of 131-106.

Maybe next time don't give Curry any added motivation? Seems ideal.