The complete rankings of all 461 NBA players who have seen even a minute of game time this season can be found here. I include a FAQ sheet to the excel download to answer questions some may have about the ratings. It is way too much info to reproduce here, and my editor would have a heart attack if I tried. I'll give you a minute to peruse the results, if you desire.

Good, now, about the All-Star Game.

It seems almost unfair that the top 6 players in overall WAR (wins above replacement) are guys from the Western Conference: James Harden, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, Marc Gasol, and Chris Paul. John Wall comes in as the Eastern Conference leader in WAR at No. 7 overall.

But these results don't even include Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook, who missed large chunks of the season. If we look at WAR/48 (impact while on the court), seven of the top 8 players are again from the west — Harden, Curry, Durant, AD, Westbrook, Lillard, and Marc Gasol. The Eastern guy that sneaks into that group — Atlanta's Jeff Teague in at No. 6 overall.

But, who should start? Looking at the WAR ratings, it appears the following should be locks:

James Harden (West) WAR rank: 1  WAR/48 rank: 1

Stephen Curry (West) WAR rank: 2  WAR/48 rank: 2

Anthony Davis (West) WAR rank: 3  WAR/48 rank: 4

Marc Gasol (West) WAR rank: 5  WAR/48 rank: 8

LeBron James (East) WAR rank: 10  WAR/48 rank: 9

Pau Gasol (East) WAR rank: 14  WAR/48 rank: 17

Al Horford (East) WAR rank: 18  WAR/48 rank: 14

The first three there are obvious. Gasol is an easy choice as a true center with such solid WAR results. LeBron James is an easy choice as well, and all the other players out East who might have better overall seasons are point guards. Pau Gasol and Al Horford have been the best bigs out East in terms of win shares, yet another reason it should be fun to have the Gasols face one another.

The other three spots are probably debatable, but here's how I see it:

Kevin Durant (West) WAR rank: 34  WAR/48 rank: 3

Durant has been at his usual superstar level when he's played, and it would just seem crazy for him to miss a start. When looking at impact when available to play, another easy choice pops up.

If you need a guy who played at a high level all season, I'd suggest you start Lillard over Durant and move Harden to small forward, even though I wouldn't.

John Wall WAR rank: 7  WAR/48 rank: 12

Jeff Teague WAR rank: 11  WAR/48 rank: 6

Between Wall, Teague, and Kyle Lowry, it is almost a dead heat out East for the guard positions. Ranking the three all falls well into the margin of error for WAR. I would have zero problems with Lowry getting the nod over either. But I'm going with Teague because he has a better WAR impact when on the court (WAR/48) than any other player out East.

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