Lamar Odom's recent struggles were very public, but his recovery has taken on a more private tone.

And even as he works to make a basketball return in private, the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers have kept a close eye on Odom and would consider taking a chance on him, reports, citing sources.

Both teams, which considered signing him before drug use allegations and an August DUI charge hit news, would have renewed interest in Odom if he were to make a basketball comeback this season, reports.

Odom has spent time with both franchises, and he was an integral part of two Lakers NBA championships and has a good relationship with Lakers owner Jeanie Buss.

The best days of Odom's career came as a Laker, but things started to go downward after he was including in a trade proposal for Chris Paul. Hurt by his inclusion, he asked for a trade. With the Dallas Mavericks, though, Odom was out of shape and struggled on the court.

Odom has played 14 NBA seasons, with 12 of those played for the Lakers and Clippers.