The 49ers may have won 31-13 against the Jets on Sunday, but they lost some key players in the process.

Defensive stars Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas are feared to have ACL injuries, and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo never entered the game after halftime with an ankle injury. It was a tough game for San Francisco, and the team felt the new turf at MetLife Stadium may have had something to do with all of the injuries.

Almost immediately after the game, 49ers defensive end Arik Armstead hopped on Twitter to complain.

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Speaking to reporters, Armstead made his thoughts a little more clear.

"I think the turf was pretty thick," Armstead said. "Guys seemed to be getting stuck in the ground more regularly. A bunch of guys went down, wasn’t real fun to be a part of."

The 49ers face the Giants next week at the same stadium, and Armstead said he's not looking forward to it.

"Lot of anxiety," Armstead said about going back to MetLife. "You see guys you love go down and get hurt and we have to come back here and play again on the same surface and that's anxiety-provoking to know that you have to deal with that again."

MetLife Stadium underwent some renovations during the offseason, including the installation of new turf.

From Giants Wire:

Giants Wire has learned that the stadium is currently going about the process of installing a new artificial surface to replace the one that has been in place since 2013. A spokesperson for the Meadowlands, who operates MetLife Stadium, said that the new turf is known as ‘UBU Speed S5-M.’ The product has been used in places such as Paul Brown Stadium and Aloha Stadium among other college and NFL venues.

Bosa and Armstead are both feared to have suffered torn ACLs, and Steelers lineman Zach Banner suffered a

torn ACL in Week 1 playing at MetLife. Three (likely) ACL tears in two games at MetLife is a concerning trend, and it's why the 49ers were so vocal with their complaints.

In addition to Bosa, Armstead and Garoppolo (who likely won't play in Week 2), the 49ers also lost running back Raheem Mostert to an injury in Sunday's game.