Landon Collins couldn't be more thrilled to welcome Dwayne Haskins to the D.C. area.

During his Tuesday appearance on the  "RapSheet + Friends" podcast , the Redskins safety revealed he thought his new teammate and quarterback was bound for New York before the Giants drafted Daniel Jones out of Duke at No. 6 instead.

Washington then took Haskins with the 15th pick.

"I thought he was going to the Giants, honestly," Collins said. "That's who I thought they were going to get, that's who I thought they needed, and they decided to go elsewhere. When I saw we picked him up, I was like, we just stole the best quarterback."

Collins, who shares agent David Mulugheta with Haskins, has high hopes for the former Ohio State standout's rookie campaign.

“He’s a humble kid, very, very, very down to earth," Collins said. “Loves to smile, loves to play around, but when it comes down to playing football, when it comes down to putting in that work, that’s what he’s going to do. Great arm, great accurac

y. I’m excited to have him. I know the organization is and other teams are going to be afraid of him.”

Collins, 25, was selected 33rd overall by the Giants in the second round of the 2015 draft. He remained in New York until he signed a six-year contract worth $84 million with the Redskins in March.

Added Collins: "I’ve got a lot of motivation for the next six years."