Competition of F1 France large award cancels formally there won't be competition of F1 large award again before July

Be affected by epidemic situation, large award surpasses this sports season F1 to did not pull open big screen tardy. On April 27, competition of French large award announces to cancel. Make this decision, lengthen to the ban of public activity with French government the middle ten days of a month did not have nothing to do in July is, this brings about the French station that runs by June to cannot be held as scheduled. This was 2020 the competition of F1 large award that the 10th station is deferred or cancels, mean at the same time there won't be competition of F1 large award again before July.

Some earlier this month moment, dragon of French president mark expresses, as a result of new-style coronal shape pneumonic epidemic situation lasts indulge in wilful persecution, the large culture activity of French churchyard wants the earliest ability of the middle ten days of a month undertook in July. Come so, those who be affected is annulus law not just cycle track, still have F1 France station, because according to original plan, french station will hold the contest on June 28.

Although F1 France station can run a game that plays without the audience, will pull open sports season heavy curtain with this, consider however hold F1 match place to need a certain quantity of working personnel, according to the limitation of French government, this has been the job that finishs impossibly, because this is spo

nsorred square flat cancelled a competition of station large award.

Before Er of benefit of cloth of F1 motorcade the leader of a sports team holds the position of Lutesi at present general manager of match of competition of F1 France large award, he accepts the say when interviewing: Considering new coronal pneumonic virus transmits a circumstance, french large award surpasses the ban that the respect has observed to French government announces, the match that this brings about us cannot proceed, attention has turned to the match of 2021 in.

France stands cancel, mean there won't be F1 competition again before July at least in, and after afterwards Australia, Bahrain, Vietnam, China, Holand, Spain, Monaco, Azerbaijan and Canada stand, large award surpasses the F1 that French station becomes Bensaijidi to 10 stations are deferred or cancel, this among them Monaco and French station cancel formally, and the others station is surpassed whether have a contest launchs this year, look to want to make a question mark now.

As France the station cancels, the Austrian station that ran on July 5 has an opportunity to become sports season to begin battle, and Austria relaxed to block recently, open thousands of stor

e afresh, if the condition allows, the consideration is in the middle ten days of a month opened cafeteria and hotel afresh in May.

Original title: Guan Xuan: FCompetition of 1 France large award announces to cancel there won't be match responsibility edition before July: Li Xiaoling