Division comparing is selected basketball celebrity hall 2020 Nai Smith celebrity hall is selected list

Nai history is close 2020 this celebrity hall list gives heat, division comparing - Mu of Bulaiente, the base of a fruit - Deng Ken, and Kevin - Jianeite presents as leading role selected, dimension of Gu Nuo of Mu of soup of Yao Mingen division is strange hall of selected also celebrity.

Division comparing, Deng Ken and Jianeite, won 11 championship in all, among them 48 selected complete star, 6 players are only selected on NBA history 15 or contest of more complete star, and division comparing, deng Ken and Jianeite are among them 3 people.

Celebrity hall chairman outstanding in - Kelanggeluo says: We concern the standard at nomination person hall: Complete star comes on the stage, completely allied, covey, 2 teams, 3 teams, all sorts of award, champion. Have a lot of things that we should see. Every year normally can a person is in all show itself in these honor. But this, had these 3, accumulate a quantity to make a person fab.

Division comparing - Bulaiente

Division comparing - than favour - Bulaiente (Kobe Bean Bryant) , on August 23, 1978 - on January 26, 2020, be born at Philadelphia of American guest city, of 1996 year choose beautiful congress to go up to be arranged with 13 by wasp a pitch on, be traded to come subsequently lake person.

In professional career journey of 20 years, division comparing obtains total champion 5 times in all, 2 FMVP, 1 MVP, optimal battle array of 15 selected NBA, 18 times selected complete star is being surpassed, 4 AMVP, gold of 2 Olympic Games.

Mu of the base of a fruit - Deng Ken

Mu of the base of a fruit - Deng Ken (Tim Duncan) , 1997 NBA chooses beautiful congress to go up with identity of Number One Scholar by spur pitch on, ann

ounce formally on July 11, 2016 to retire.

Professional career of 19 years all is spur effectiveness, year of NBA of Xin Xiusai Ji Huoxuan is optimal new show, professional career carries off 5 times NBA total champion, 2MVP, 3 FMVP, optimal battle array of 15 selected NBA, 15 selected NBA are optimal defend battle array, battle array of complete star of 15 selected NBA.

Kevin - Jianeite

Kevin - Jianeite (Kevin Garnett) , 1995 NBA is chosen be in on beautiful co

ngress the 5th suitable by silvan wolf pitch on, announce formally on September 24, 2016 to retire.

In professional career of 21 years, in all effectiveness crosses 3 teams (silvan wolf, Kaierte net of person, basket) , jianeite has won total championship of a NBA, 1 MVP, 1 AMVP, optimal defend player, 15 selected complete star, optimal battle array of 9 selected NBA, 12 selected NBA are optimal defend battle array.

2002, yao Ming lands NBA rocket team with the identity of Number One Scholar, teach at that time of rocket team is Shangmugunuoweiji, in Shang Shuai general, yao Ming gets used to NBA gradually and make the core of team. Shangmugunuoweiji is by nomination 2017 the candidate of basketball celebrity hall.

In addition, rice of WNBA star tower gets stuck before - Kaqinsi, eddy - Sa pauses, Barbara - Shidiwensi, gold - solemn Er captures 3 handlers, secretary-general of couplet of deceased international basket is overcome in handkerchief spy - Bowman together selected 2020 celebrity hall.

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