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Yesterday morning, guangzhou city Wei Jian appoint bulletin new coronal is pneumonic add case newly 3, all be input sex case of illness, the much interest of forward of Brazilian foreign aids of the Hakkas of Meizhou of team of the armour in including among them. Much interest is Chinese football exposes to the sun the first affect person that go out.

There are a few newses in official bulletin very clear: Male, 30 years old, Brazilian citizenship, reside Meizhou now, professional football athlete, the patient plans to answer Meizhou from Thailand. The forward much interest that the person that accords with these a few clew shows the Hakkas of city of effectiveness Yu Mei only. Subsequently, respect of Meizhou the Hakkas affirmed new coronal of much interest infection is pneumonic.

On Feburary 3, group of market of Meizhou the Hakkas heads for assemble for training of Thailand China glad, during assemble for training, much interest is in all the time almost team. Suffer effect of domestic epidemic situation, extended the time of assemble for training in Thailand on the Meizhou team of the homecoming end Feburary originally. Nevertheless, latter as foreign epidemic situation spread considerably, meizhou team made the plan that goes back to the motherland instantly, go back to the motherland at taking second scheduled flight of age aviation 9C6316 on March 16 midday.

On March 16 afternoon, after arriving at Guangzhou Bai Yun International Airport, meizhou group is whole member undertook health is monitored instantly, cost 6 hours to just be left by discharged in all, till March 17 before dawn whole group just takes a bus to return Meizhou base. But much interest did not return Meizhou along with the team. Disclose according to the player, aboard has had much interest calorific symptom, he was taken away after next planes. On March 17, disease of classics Guangzhou city accuses a center to detect, the nucleic acid of new coronal virus of much interest detects show masculine gender, and at that evening he affects diagnose. Current, much interest has turned to Guangzhou city hospital of the 8th people undertakes keeping apart cure.

Before this, meizhou team is in assemble for training of Thailand China glad a many month, with Thailand country blueness the team still has undertaken warm up is surpassed. Accordingly, medical service of the other player of Meizhou team, coach, interpreter, group and staff member add up to 42 people, it is the person of the patient that contact closely, they are in Meizhou city now the football small town of 5 China counties centers segregation. Up to occurrence symptom of the member that still did not have someone else last night, and nucleic acid test is negative.

In fact, during Thailand assemble for training, father all the time inside Meizhou team catch epidemic situation to prevent accuse, measure temperature twice everyday, the temperature that who to discover is unusual. So, much interest is to be in after all when the virus on infection, return unknown. Guess in the team, he may go out to go up to when he celebrates 30 years old of birthday, be affected on March 7.

Data of much interest individual

Much interest of 30 years old is hit in Chinese football go all out old, ever effectiveness crosses Changchun inferior the spring of day of peaceful, Guangdong, Harbin firm vacate (show Zhejiang firm vacate) , in Huhhot classy much Zhi Zhongchao, medium armour team. Last year January, much interest freedom turns can join in Meizhou the Hakkas, sports season altogether comes on the stage 27 times for team on, hit into 9 balls.

Expose to the sun in succession in the European team such as Youwentusi, Sangpuduoliya, Balunxiya, Asenna, Qieerxi piece have player and staff member infection when, the affect person of Chinese football still is 0. Before this, because family member of Ceng Youguo leg affects new coronal pneumonic freshness message comes out, but the much interest that inputs a gender just is Chinese football expose to the sun the first when go out new coronal is pneumonic the person that affect.

There is a message to say before this, china is sufficient assist plan to be in originally each cascade of 2020 sports season surpassed open of the middle ten days of a month in April, as have player diagnose, after the starting date of league matches should be delayed probably again. Reporter king enemy

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