Rested 2021 ping of world of Si Dui individual event surpasses proceed, women's singles battle of the 3rd round of contention stops, sweep anything away of 4-0 of Chen Meng of number one seed promotes, 4 bureaus let adversary be ta

ken merely. Wang Manyu 4-0 beats Sweden Bogesiteluomu.

Chen Meng of champion of number one seed, Olympic Games, the 3rd round meet Luxembourg player exert head-on special. Bilateral strength gap is very apparent, chen Meng did not encounter any challenges almost, fall continuously 4 bureaus are taken easily with 11-5, 11-3 and 11-2, 11-2, altogether lets adversary get 12 minutes only, win victory easily with the total score of 4-0. Enter 16 strong hind, the adversary of 1/8 final Chen Meng will be champaign beautiful eaves of Japan.

Wang Manyu encounters Swedish snick hand Bogesiteluomu, head bureau beginning Wang Manyu is in the phase that gets used to adversary rhythm, be stricken back a few times by adversary sneak attack is procurable, for a time 5-7 is backward. The Bogesiteluomu after 7-9 serves early or late and attack error to

send cent, wang Manyu is pulled lose send bureau drop, connect so that 3 minutes of 12-10 take subsequently.

Wang Manyu of the 2nd bureau gets used to dozen of law of adversary completely, connect 5 minutes of 6-2 are bannerly. The bureau in entering, wang Manyu consolidates further advantage, win one bureau again with 11-6. Before the 3rd bureau half paragraphs of two people continue to ankylose, the Cheng after Wang Manyu sends force, bureau end pulls open score to win out with 11-8. The field when 3-2 of Wang Manyu of the 4th bureau is banner appears a few problems, continuance of the Wang Manyu after the match restarts notchs offensive, connect so that the war ends with 11-2 after 8 minutes, pass a barrier of total score 4-0. 1/8 final, wang Manyu's adversary is Nan of beautiful of Yuan of French foreign citizen of Chinese origin.

Original title: World ping surpasses Chen Meng 4-0 fast get the better of battle champaign beauty eaves carries Wang Manyu to edit into 16 strong responsibility: Li Xiaoling