WTA year prize gives furnace to pull Dukanu to obtain Ba Di of optimal new personality to become optimal player

Beijing time on December 7, WTA official net announced year of 2021 sports season each award. The world ranks Ba Di of first A assorted the 2nd times to be judged to be WTA year optimal player, the United States surpasses champion moxa Ma publicly to pull Dukanu to be judged to be year new personality.

Ba Di afterwards wins optimal player title again after 2019 sports season, she won 5 itinerate to surpass champion title in 2021 sports season, include her to be in among them lukewarm Boer ascend the 2nd won vole. She this sports season takes next vole and champion of match of two 1000 set, sports season 50 matches win victory 42, obtain the 3rd year continuously rank end of the year the first.

Award of year new personality is final and attributive Aimaladukanu, the status of 19 years old that plays Dukanu to rank the 150th qualification to surpass a player with the world enters the United States to make public contest, from the qualification contest begins to create 10 Lian Sheng, did not lose a dish of achie

vement final cut obtains beautiful net female Chan Guanjun, become England 44 years to come champion of vole of the first female. Bensaijiledukanu is ranked from the world the 343rd rise sharply reach the 19th, quickness violent wind rises behead to win award of optimal new personality.

In addition, czech player Keleijicikewa wins year optimal progress award and with the partner Xiniyake acquired year optimal doubles combination, nawaluo of Spanish tennis famous general is obtained optimal reappear award.

Original title: WTA year prize Ladukanu giving heat is optimal optimal player responsibil

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