Zhao Rui disobeys the regulation that fight epidemic disease to halt competition how do 3 answer data of thing Zhao farsighted data

Zhao Rui disobeys the regulation that fight epidemic disease to halt competition how do 3 answer data of thing Zhao farsighted data

Electric CBA alliance released Beijing of Xinhua News Agency 27 days on June 27 to Guangdong grand the condemnatory decision of Zhao Rui of far team rear guard, latter accuses 3 to manage a regulation to halt competition because of league matches epidemic situation is being disobeyed to prevent inside the hotel, be fined 10 thousand yuan. This is this month 20 days since intermediary heat of CBA league matches, alliance opens first pieces when go out to punish sheet.

It is the safety that assures each to take part in the match, after intermediary heat of CBA league matches carry out epidemic situation strictly to prevent accuse to administer a regulation. In Qingdao, Dongguan two competion area, place and hotel all set green area, green division staff basically is club, team take part in the match personnel and ref technology delegate. In addition, alliance extends to media staff maize certificate, and of hold blue certificate basically be place staff member. Green division staff cannot be contacted with the staff close quarters that holds certificate of other facial expression. This Zhao Rui is punished, because hold him of green certificate to violated compasses close quarters to contact,be maintain maize certificate staff.

CBA alliance says in punishing a decision, on June 26, 2020, attending intermediary heat of league matches of CBA of 2019-2020 sports season during match of competion area of Dongguan of the first phase, guangdong grand Zhao Rui of player of group of bank of Dongguan of far club Guangdong (hold green certificate) league matches epidemic situation is disobeyed to prevent inside the hotel accuse to administer a regulation, close quarters contact maintains maize certificate staff.

Epidemic situation of intermediary heat of league matches of CBA of sports season of 2019-2020 of allied according to is prevented accuse relevant government regulation, to Zhao farsighted place surpasses the 3 field, punishment that fine 10 thousand yuan with stopping. During halting competition, zhao Rui must undertake nucleic acid detect, detecting the proper motion before the result arises is kept apart in the room, must not with its he holds close quarters of green certificate staff to contact, detect result qualification is rear green section activity can be specified in the government.

CBA alliance appeals each take part in the match at the same time the management that personnel takes part in the match during clu

b, team strengthens league matches, abide by league matches strictly each government regulation, ensure league matches safety, success.

Zhao Rui

is this sports season Guangdong grand far team comes on the stage 33 times, all contribute 4.1 4.8 13.2 cent, backboard, secondary attack.

After CBA alliance makes punishment, guangdong grand far club and him Zhao Rui all expressed regret through gregarious media.

Guangdong grand far club says in statement: To on June 26, zhao Rui of my club player violates compasses contact to oppose the action of personnel of papers of other category work, the club expresses regret greatly. This second violate gauge is main because,be of the club neglectful, relevant provision fails to carry out reach the designated position. The club accepts allied punishment, will draw a lesson, learn a lesson, strengthen management, put an end to this kind of incident to happen once more.

Zhao Rui is written on small gain, mix to everybody here team excuse. Because oneself neglect brings about such thing,happen. I accept allied punishment, be in from the back during intermediary heat also will implement relevant provision strictly, make similar mistake no longer absolutely. Say to everybody tone is apologetic again here! (reporter Su Bin, Lin Deren)

Original title: First Zhao Rui punishing sheet after CBA intermediary heat disobeys epidemic prevention regulation to halt competition 3 responsibility edit: Li Xiaoling