Wta ranks rank of world of newest first phase: Violent wind of nova of Switzerland of Ben Xiji NO.4 rises 127

Wta ranks rank of world of newest first phase: Violent wind of nova of Switzerland of Ben Xiji NO.4 rises 127

Rank of world of newest first phase gives heat, the rank rises the Laibajinna that wins second place in Sanket station reach the 19th, refresh individual is highest rank. Week rank promotes Benxijiben 1, achieve professional career new the 4th tall. In addition, the person rank such as mood of potherb of Alexander Nuo child, Lineite, day comparing, Laiaonikuen all has rise.

Laibajinna shines brilliantly in Sanket station, behead of one road pass a test will kill finals. This week career of profession of refresh of young general of Kazakstan Si Tan is highest rank, come to No.19. She appears as 8 seeds, before two rounds do not break a dish to beat Siniyakewa and cost respectively collect, back-to-back move underwent two test of 3 dishes of big fight, early or late in much man of player of

changeover qualification contest and card of 6 seeds Sa, hit successfully into the 3rd of this year to contend for coronal battle, also be final of first of professional career top class contest. Although was defeated finally to defend Er of crown champion shellfish,Teng Si is held in both hands without the predestined relationship cup, but Laibajinna ascends first by right of the brilliant military successes of the beginning of the year as before body TOP20. Last year right now, her rank still has only 192.

This week ranks ascendant extent the biggest is Swiss nova of 19 years old Laiaonikuen. She performed the counterattack of a dark horse in China glad station, the identity that surpasses a player with the qualification is hit into finals, and this is the WTA of the 2nd station that she attends is being surpassed merely. She is taking the rank of No.283 to come to Hua Xin, the achievement violent wind that depends on runner-up rises 127, come to No.156.

It is this week world rank below (on Feburary 16) the player that has great promotion:

Ben Xiji (+ 1 rise from the 5th reach the 4th) : Swiss girl just is broken through after bay net enter TOP5, individual of this Zhou Jixu refresh is highest rank. She is hit into in Sanket station 8 strong, subsequently struggle hard was defeated by Sakali 3 dishes.

Alexander Nuo child (+ 3 rise from the 28th reach the 25th) : One elder sister is in Russia native land and top class contest Sanket station behaves bright look, beat on promotion road last year Wei Jiji of 7 runner-up, seeds, enter semifinals successfully. Final she was defeated by Teng Si of Er of shellfish of Wei Mian champion, without the predestined relationship further.

Lineite (+ 9 rise from

the 42nd reach the 33rd) : Polack loses a dish only on road of promotion of China glad station. Successful behead obtains professional career the 2nd coronal. She created an individual subsequently highest rank, ascend first body TOP40.

Mood of day comparing potherb (+ 9 rise from the 84th reach the 75th) : Japanese girl beats Si Wei of number one seed to hold Rena in the palm unexpectedly in final of 1/4 of China glad station, harvest a victory with professional career the majorrest heretofore. Stand by right of Hua Xin 4 strong result, day created the highest rank since September 2019 than potherb mood.

Bodabowa (+ 20 rise from the 101st reach the 81st) : Little group champion is in Wen Wangqing before Sanket station play is outstanding, rank leap up rises 20 to return TOP100 in. Russia young general passed the test that two qualifications surpass, beat Samusuonuowa and Shangmugunuoweiji in be being surpassed subsequently, champion of Yu Wei crown is lost finally in 1/4 final Beiertengsi.

Raise standard (+ 21 rise from the 105th reach the 84th) : The Romanian is carried in final of 1/4 of China glad station fall contest of 4 seeds Zheng, hit into 4 strong hind was defeated by final champion Lineite. She this cavalcade that Zhou Chongxin returns TOP100, the distance is chased after make the same score the Yao that in the career that created in May 2017 highest rank has one situation only.

Bei Gu (+ 21 rise from the 118th reach the 97th) : Bei Gu gains the championship in the W100 ITF contest that Caire holds, she beats Tesulunke 3 dishes in finals struggle hard.

Jiawoersuowa (+ 49 rise from the 188th reach the 139th) : White Russia person made Xiaerma, Bulungeer and Liu Jing article are beaten in W100 ITF match in Nigulasiweier, ultimate success is held in both hands cup.

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