American male basket not enemy France is not had 13 years along 4 strong United States contest head is defeated

American male basket not enemy France is not had 13 years along 4 strong United States contest head is defeated

Dongguan of Xinhua News Agency on September 11 electric 79:89, american male basket 11 days of get down suffer a defeat from the first international contest since world bright and beautiful was surpassed 2006, fall into disuse while world cup of basketball of promotion of team of France of adversary of watch sb go away 4 strong.

The match one begin, miqieer and rich Ni Ye spread out to attacking, in two people dash forward outside cast get 5 minutes each for American team and French team. Walker enters American brigade chief commander condition is slower, first appear 3 times error. A Er is hit into than hoping to grab Walker after striking back, fren

ch team is banner 4 minutes. After this, long shot of Si Ma spy is procurable, braun the basket on the breakthrough, help American team 18:18 ends first.

Second section, advantage of French team rebound is clear, only part robs bank of the field before getting 5, this makes confidence of bowler of French exterior line fuller, only part of 3 minutes of balls 8 cast 4 in. And exterior line broke standard American line to strengthen a breakthrough of purpose, successional basket issues White, Braun procurable, miqieer is by right of individual ability successive breakthrough notchs more. Half of a game or contest ends, french team 45:39 banner.

Yi Bian again battle, dagger shellfish Er buckles basket procurable, batumu long shot hits the target and obtain add punish, french team enlarges lead dominant position. The joint defence that faces be placed in the middle of dagger shellfish Er blast model, american team makes fluent attack hard, can rely on individual take by storm of Miqieer only. This red-letter day is last always, miqieer strikes back after buckling

basket again medium long shot, help American team 66:63 banner.

Minor details beginning, successive breakthrough builds American team to foul into adversary, barnes long shot is procurable, american team builds 7 minutes of lead dominant positions. The moment of truth, na Lianzhong of Ni Liji of French young general 2 write down long shot, dagger shellfish Er also sends Walker and Miqieer old hat early or late, france is in only remnant exceeds 7 minutes instead when 2 minutes. Although American team tries to kickback, but successive error and delinquency punish basket to let them lose last chance.

This battle, the your name that Er of shellfish of dagger of pillar of French team planted agent gets 16 21 cent, bank two pairs, fu Ni Ye gets entire line 22 minutes highest. American team respect, miqieerde arrives 29 minutes full-court is highest, walker gets chief commander 10 minutes only, have fault 4 times.

French team will meet Argentine team head-on in semifinals, and American team will at with Saierweiya the team undertakes 5 discharge a contest to 8. (reporter Ma Kai, Lin Deren, Wang Hao bright)

Original title: 13 years of contest head of American defeat France to promote 4 strong responsibility edit: Li Xiaoling