Chinese women's volleyball the first man makes the same score a list of names posted up of 5 integral of Liansheng world cup disclose triumphant key

Chinese women's volleyball the first man makes the same score a list of names posted up of 5 integral of Liansheng world cup disclose triumphant key

Last night, yokohama gymnasium greets Sino-Japanese women's volleyball to be opposite definitely, this match also lifted the highest tide of yokohama competion area. Have absolutely mastery of the sky and surely win the Chinese women's volleyball of belief is very strong, with 3 than team of Japan of Amphitryon of 0 sweep anything away, a person of extraordinary powers takes women's volleyball world cup 5 Lian Sheng, accumulate 15 minutes together with American team at present, paratactic and integral a list of names posted up the first.

Sino-Japanese women's volleyball is full to letting competition ground definitely, the warm-up before contest is enough let spot atmosphere burn boiling point. Chinese team advocate handsome Lang Ping is used to already to such old scene, be in the Zhu Ting of 2 the Ding Xia that spread a hand, spikers and Zhang Changning, deputy Yan Ni that attack a hand mixes an eduction in sending a battle array eaves of Gong Xiang of Yuan Xin , reinforce and clean of dream of free person king. Japanese team advocate handsome Zhongtianjiumei and Lang Ping are coetaneous player. Nowadays, two people are continueing to be opposite on train station definitely. Japanese team also eduction the strongest battle array.

On September 19, the group photo after Chinese team player is surpassed. That day, in what Japanese yokohama holds women's volleyball world cup surpassed match of round robin of group of A of the first phase 2019 in, chinese team with 3 than team of 0 conquer Japan. Bell of Can of congratulate of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

On the spot hill of 10 thousand fan breathes out in the sound of boost the morale of like seismic sea wave, bureau of day of this team head with exuberant imposing manner come up obtain 6 than 3 banner. After getting used to the atmosphere with hot competition ground gradually, chinese team shows a powerful net mouth actual strength, the effective block suppress of Yan Ni and Yuan heart stayed in Japan the net mouth of the team, the trident that Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning forms with Gong Xiang eaves attacks combination to let both wings open a phase. Chinese team with 18 than 12 after preceding, zhongtianjiumei must call halt. However, yan Ni's block lets Japanese team attack despair, zhang Changning and Gong Xiang the line of defence of determined and decisive this team allowing day of eaves is helpless. As Zhu Ting block takes below 1 minute, chinese team with 25 than 17 take right-hand seat bureau. Statistic shows, chinese team block notchs with 8 than 1 banner, net mouth advantage is very clear.

Chinese group leaves bureau phase to obtain in the 2nd bureau 9 than 2 banner. Zhongtianjiumei changes the Yao below the on 2 palace that spread a hand and spiker to grow inside the United States and child, try to seek a breakthrough, but the h

eadroom exercise with Chinese powerful group squelched Japanese team almost all attack aspects, meanwhile Zhang Changning serves to notch one after another, chinese team with 18 than 7 be far ahead. After this, zhongtianjiumei changes U20 world blueness contest is the most valuable player Ishikawa true bless, but the effect is general, japanese team has some of shoot dish trend, chinese team takes the chance to get 4 minutes again, with 22 than 7 banner. Last hour, it is Zhu Ting spreads out deadly biff, help China team with 25 than 10 get victory.

The 3rd bureau, lang Ping still head of continue to use sends a battle array, the hope takes next competitions at a dash. Although Japanese team turns over dish of all up, but hit very tenaciously. Final, chinese team with 25 than 17 get victory, thereby with 3 than 0 win below Sino-Japanese right definitely.

After Lang Ping surpasses, say: We prepare more adequately to this match, of Japanese team advocate field match is very lively, the audience likes to see a ball very much, I hope the player can keep dedicated, contribute best match to give all audiences as far as possible. We also know Japanese group defend first-rate, we also undertook very sufficient preparation in this respect, whole group is hit so that have patience quite. Speak of outstanding block and serve, lang Ping says: Chinese team block takes actor, this is very normal thing, our person Gao Ma is big, should ha

ve an advantage. Had served or feel a little accident, do not know what they step on bit.

Lang Ping says: No matter adversary loses by force, we should have done ourselves, every match I raised a requirement to the player, hope they use the match to raise their. As the coach, I still should watch overall situation, volleyball is a collective project, emphasize everybody cooperating morely, group spirit can be reflected in the match and training, this also assures from what do not open a lot of technology fields.

Original title: Chinese women's volleyball 3 edit than liability of group of Japan of 0 sweep anything away: Li Xiaoling