Hawk of cereal of water of brunt of Japanese male ping is exposed to the sun inside marriage off the rails with accompany wine daughter to produce extramarital affair

Hawk of cereal of water of brunt of Japanese male ping is exposed to the sun inside marriage off the rails with accompa

ny wine daughter to produce extramarital affair

Basis " NEWSPOST7 " report, hawk of cereal of water of brunt of Japanese male ping, be exposed to the sun to give the of

f the rails scandal inside marriage, with nightclub club 19 years old accompanied wine daughter to produce extramarital affair.

Be in wisdom of an anticipatory actin and before rising abruptly, shui Gusun is the number one brunt of Japanese male ping all the time, 17 years old capture complete Japan champion, the Olympic Games is made an appointment with to guide Japanese male team win organization second place as brunt in, singles takes bronze medal. The time that Tokyo Olympic Games still does not have will be held, dan Shuigu hawk however in the trouble that men and women of be involved in concerns.

An anticipatory actin as 16 years old wisdom and rise abruptly ceaselessly, shui Gusun the number one position in Japan home team is replaced, hope to also have very strong wallop plus Dan Yuxiao, shui Gusun bore very great pressure, and oneself eye still gave an issue, want to see not clear ball almost for a time, wear sunglasses to just improve somewhat. It is pressure probably bigger, shui Gusun needs the dejected kind in heart of a few untangle, go to a club that the name is X beguiling.

X is a member makes advanced nightclub club, the female that accompanies wine has a lot of young actor and the woman that accepting model training, special somebody is angry, often star of a lot of bosses, sports and recreational group public figure drink here. In X, shui Gusun knew 19 years old (what Japanese minor points to is 20 years old the following) long hair is big belle, this female (alias EMI) exposes to the sun gave oneself and Shui Gusun the first time meeting experience.

According to EMI explode makings, this year a day of May, shui Gusun and 4 male friend arrive together X, stayed to her sedate and tender impression, two people exchanged the connection means of gregarious media, later two people are contacted often, shui Gusun says to liked to go up this female, the other side that return boast is very beautiful, call commonly can say a hour, involve the topic about the ping-pong for the most part among them.

Very apparent, shui Gusun treated EMI as pour out to resembling, EMI also has good opinion to sedate disposition of Shui Gusun, of a month after meeting in June the last ten-day of a month, shui Gusun dated in the late night, it is to reside wine house to have a meal first, pull OK in card subsequently sing in balcony the following day in the morning at 5 o'clock half, the Shui Gusun in road lies on the knee of EMI, held the other side in arms to still kiss.

Actually EMI knows Shui Gusun has wife and daughter, she also admitted to have a feeling to Shui Gusun, but to such married person, oneself not quite know how to should be answered, and the demand that perceives Mr Shui Gusun more and more upgrade. Blocking those who pull OK hind actually the following day, shui Gusun called EMI to come out to sing again at the late night, he is already malty at that time the hotel that wants to stay rests, the result is in inside hotel room after two people kiss, EMI was pressed to be on the bed by Shui Gusun, do not cross Shui Gusun to did not cross last bottom line however, stay a hand instantly after EMI says not to want and apologize. It is reported, present male friend also discovered EMI the relation of he and Shui Gusun, find Shui Gusun to go academic, and EMI also resigned from X club August by force of pressure.

Shui Gusun is mixed 6 years ago the woman of ping-pong ministry posterity of him student times gets married, gave birth to a daughter, do not have the experience that interacts with other woman. Concern in the men and women of be involved in of the moment of truth of Olympic Games choose to oneself dispute, shui Gusun also expresses to had been mixed the wife is honest, and lower one's head bow acknowledge a mistake got excusing. I know what I want faced situation, had undertaken exchanging views with each respects so, the hope resolves this issue a bit earlier gift is nice. October, shui Gusun joins this team that follow day Sweden make public contest, the target is as before those who obtain Tokyo Olympic Games take part in the match qualification.

Original title: Brunt of day male ping is exposed to the sun inside marriage off the rails will minor accompany wine daughter to bring back hotel responsibility editor: Li Xiaoling