Does Shi Wen of Liu of contest of 2019 worlds ping seize continuance of female ping of China of female odd champion to dominate?

Beijing time 27 days of evening, as conquer of Liu poem Wen Chen Meng head seizes world ping to surpass female Chan Guanjun, 2019 worlds ping surpasses female sheet to end all contention at this point. Before with the country ping undertakes the whole thing once more 4 those who form bright contrast is, japanese daughter is odd however one card was not gotten gloomy receive an official, whether is this meant Sino-Japanese to already becoming past form definitely?

Current generation ping is surpassed, chinese ping-pong team went out in female Chansaichangpa with old in the battle array that black structure gives priority to, it is Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen, Chen Meng, Wang Manyu and Sun Ying Sha respectively. 5 generals give fight jointly Budapest, gold of female individual purpose also is pinged include a target by the country already.

Be different from a large number of heroes of male single competition ground and have place of overlord of ping of collective impact state, female odd competition ground wait for abroad army group as Feng Tianwei with each passing day type is small, with Ishikawa beautiful beautiful eaves of pure, champaign, Yi Teng is beautiful sincere the Japanese ping-pong team that is a delegate a new force suddenly rises, sino-Japanese antagonism is become in recent years of female odd competition ground thematic.

Face the rival with roaring the force with which sth breaks out, chinese ping-pong team ever also had fallen fall because of underestimate the enemy. 2017 inferior bright and beautiful contest, regard the Cenozoic Era of Japanese table tennis circles as the person above average of the player, successional conquer urge again and again, Zhu Yuling mixes beautiful eaves of talent girl champaign Chen Meng 3 countries ping gains the championship after

the top player.

And contest is made public to go up in the Sweden last year, yi Teng is beautiful sincere perform a breathtaking string likewise 3. She overcomes Shi Wen of Liu of Chinese group main force, Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling to gain the championship repeatedly all the way, it is to hit more in finals 4: The score of 0 is over get the better of Zhu Yuling, the Liu Guoliang that this allows spot view a surname also feels astonish, chinese daughter pings present crisis is far see than everybody and of expect big.

Accordingly, passed 30 days to close the task that the country after training pings ping of world of this go on an expedition is surpassed, besides will female sheet in bursa of this gold income beyond, spread out one of purposes that antagonism is a team likewise in the round with Japanese team. And announce as what sign a watch, the country pings wish scene is progressively also turn into reality.

Because Sweden is open the Yi cane that contest gains the championship and soares from confidence is beautiful sincere, lie between empty propaganda to the enemy at the front line to hope Chinese team is surrounded not only, call a capturing world ping high-keyly still to surpass the target of 3 gold. Come to Budapest however, she is in however female sheet the 3rd round be pinged by the country 00 hind Sha of young general Sun Ying with 4: 1 fall into disuse, become the first to give the main force of Japanese female team of the bureau.

In fact, yi Teng is beautiful sincere a bureau not bad luck. In close during assemble for training, the country falls to had undertaken to this player the key studies on ping. And be opposite in Sun Ying Sha of Zhen Yiteng before today, liu Guoliang still is accompanied beside, the preparation before making game together works. The victory that can say Sun Ying Sha is whole group the result of the joint efforts.

Same one act still happens in Ding Ning to be opposite in the match of a champaign beautiful eaves. Because carry off before 3 years two world cup He Yajin surpasses champion continuously, latter is earlier also be pinged label research target by the country. From now on, this talent beautiful girl of Japanese table tennis circles begins to drop into trough in military successes respect.

Urge again and again and champaign beautiful eaves ping in surpassing female odd quarterfinal, encounter in Budapest world, whole match holds windward Ding Ning final with 4 ∶ 1 eliminate rival. Successful promotion 4 strong while, the belligerence of oneself and champaign beautiful eaves achievement adapts for bloodcurdling 11 get the better of 1 negative.

Plus assist cane pupil four-wheel 2: 4 be defeated by Wang Manyu, liu Shiwen is in 1/8 final with 4:1Conquer adds cany beauty to actor or actress, 4 when female odd competition ground undertakes Sino-Japanese right definitely, ping by the country results wins entirely. From the point of integral military successes, the country pings 5 will enter entirely 8 strong, before undertaking the whole thing 4, only two people enter Japanese criterion 8 strong however go no further hereat.

This shows, the advance guard that regards Tokyo as the Olympic Games stands, the country pings female team pings in Budapest world the success on contest realizes the comprehensive suppress of female to Japan team. But competition ground of a year of the following Tokyo, does ping return the country whether still keep strong? The answer of this problem still is put in variable probably.

The Japan before Liu Guoliang also speaks of eye blast in Yi Teng is beautiful sincere still finalize the design crudely, accordingly she will be in likely future becomes a variable. Japanese team hopes to use this firepower to nod, enlarge a face. And for female to China ping, how to pin this namely very firepower dot of concentration.

Of course, ping to the country and character prepares for war to Chongzhongzhi weighs Tokyo Olympic Games or should have done his. Be in female odd competition ground, the team is faced with all the time 6 choose the puzzle of 2, as Liu Shi Wen head seizes world ping to surpass champion nowadays, this problem becomes once more complicated and confusing. Originally, urge again and again is all the time get the person that run unquestionably among them, but semifinals is in not after enemy Liu Shi Wen, him speak bluntly condition not she of beautiful still needs more time to adjust.

Although fail finally to carry off further female Chan Guanjun, chen Meng of Mesozoic Era player enters the expression of finals to still make a person feel a surprise first. In recent years, her technical it may be said is advance rapidly, seize total end of the year final repeatedly, inferior the champion of the heavyweight match such as bright and beautiful contest. Chen Meng also has those who become qualification of singles of Tokyo Olympic Games the person that force is contended for.

Of course, the show of Wang Manyu of two young young general and Sun Ying Sha is same be obvious to all. Two people surpass the green storm of sweep in Budapest world ping, outward also bound revealed a country to ping the details of moth

ball talent and actual strength. Believe to be in not far in the future, they also can grow to ping for the country certainly the pillar of female team. (Wang Yu)

Original title: Sport observation | Is continuance of Chinese female ping regnant and Sino-Japanese to becoming past form definitely? Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling