League matches of world of Chinese male platoon 8 defeat a reason repeatedly how achievement 1 get the better of 11 negative pay a copy unexpectedly

League matches of world of Chinese male platoon 8 defeat a reason repeatedly how achievement 1 get the better of 11 negative pay a copy unexpectedly

24 days, the match that United States of league matches of world male platoon stands falls next heavy curtain, 0:3 of Chinese male platoonNot enemy American male platoon, the 3rd when encounter this station v/LITs be utterly defeated, at the same time also get down of world league matches 8 be defeated repeatedly.

World league matches all around the contest that assign a station in 12 matches, chinese male platoon 1 get the better of 11 negative military successes to take part in the match in 16 by the mat in the team.

And the Chinese women's volleyball of across is an about, 5 weeks of contest that assign a station end league matches of world women's volleyball, chinese women's volleyball with 12 get the better of 3 negative accumulate first place of 35 minutes of ranks.

As once powerful group of Asian overlord, world, chinese male platoon why with respect to cannot recover after a setback? Does their problem go after all where? Face the reporter's problem, ceng Jingping of expert of transmission of commissioner of general comment of man of the time of sport of volleyball major doctor, China, Olympic Games gave out oneself answer.

Problem one: Serve too dish

A few matches look, OK and clear see Chinese mal

e platoon be passed in hair mat bar buckle string of apparent difference that waits for big powers of each link and world platoon world, in must cent, drop shot notchs, serve to notch and be received serve on a list of names posted up, before Chinese male platoon all is entered without team member 10, show each technology index (basic skill) lag behind in the round, achievement also did not have the result with respect to nature by beautiful integral mat.

Ceng Jingping thinks, the first problem of Chinese male platoon serves namely aggressiveness is insufficient.

Serving is the beginning of aggression, be it is OK to do not suffer interference the individual performance that ego shows talent, also be to drive effective block, organization to defend the edge tool that strike back.

Chinese player practices taking seriously not quite to serving, the player does not like to practice hard serve, trainer also serves without what make clear ball fast rotate the good target such as placement change thinks, every arrive great match, the dish ball of foot of Wei hand Wei cannot give opponent with awe, crucial ball, crucial time-sharing, nobody come out boldly gives out ACE ball, bar prevent attend to one thing and lose another to be with respect to inadequacy blamed.

Conversely, of adversary serve to often can leave deep impression to the person. For instance polish team of 22 years old 18 players Wo Weike, his serve ball fast fast, point of fall is sly, and have rhythm change, the moment of truth is without a look of fear not be irresolute when firmness is needed more show heroic instinctive quality.

Problem 2: Defend without blue collar spirit

Besides serve besides, chinese male platoon defends consciousness is fragile, defend series connection difference also is a big question.

Condition of Chinese player figure is conspicuous, in one's heart thinks drop shot is cheesy and delighted, oversight serve block, pass a ball to receive serve the basic skill that reachs the ground to defend trains.

Euramerican powerful group values defended value very much, maintain in in one's heart did not defend the ball that does not rise, card reachs the designated position, stick in one's hand once the ball is filled up fly to be regarded as disgrace, often perform the good play of save of successive fish dive, come up against a ball to defend every time when error does not include to reach the designated position, take a floor so regretful camera lens often appears, this and Chinese player defend break, defend break duty hind the manner of not worry at all, formed bright contrast.

Ceng Jingping thinks, did not defend, without blue collar spirit, string together without spherule receive, become quick attack system, quickly system, fast to defend strike back cannot get ensuring, team also does not have the bottom gas of vie.

The 2 centre that passing is team, the Chinese male platoon of instantly sends the apparent difference between ball section and powerful group, add defend consciousness defends after severe flump of the technology, very difficult hope 2 spread a hand can effect a miraculous cure and bring the dying back to life comes out ball of fast and changeful tactics, also do not count on emerge in large numbers to give Zhou Jianan of rich Lin of Shenyang of Yuan Wei civilian of course the world-class such as Wang Hebing 2 spread a hand, impossible also emersion wishs the flier such as fine inscription Wang Jiawei, of before also having world of predestined relationship emersion 5 brilliant.

Ceng Jingping feels, chinese male platoon is not short of the player young plant with body very good condition, do not be short of the attack hand with conspicuous fitness, and the episcopal experienced Argentine that invites with high salary Laoerluosanuo teachs two years to also enough actual strength and level lead summit of summit of team return world.

Laoerluosanuo's level is very high still, the key is him teach concept, team member people how much to absorb after all, and Chinese native land player and outside teach group confluence to spend called how many discount, these must make a question mark.

Cengjing makes the same score a proposal, chinese male platoon next should bold beg beg newly change, break already some training manner, pass in hair mat bar buckle string wait for each link to improve basic technology in the round basic technical ability, should serving especially technical segment does full text to make great efforts, embedded serve think quota system, increase considerably serve training time, with serving training is driven receive serve training, drive again thereby defend strike back training, raise match military successes.

Problem 3: League matches does not have competition ability

Besides the problem of technical level, competition ability of league matches of Chinese male platoon is not strong, also limitted team member grow.

Volleyball league matches of home is not lukewarm not fire, most team relies on old system as before, league matches zoology lacks market energy, such circumstance brought about volleyball directly the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of mothball talent, annual it is Beijing Shanghai contend for hegemony, the team that has foreign aid does not exceed 4, good outside help also does not stay, intensity of antagonism of whole league matches is too low.

Watched Iranian male platoon to be born in professional league matches of Gao Shuiping instead many world-class star, australian male platoon is all brunt is in European profession league matches effectiveness and can reach the world the player of Chinese male platoon of the go through the mill in Gao Shuiping league matches is very few however.

Professional competition ground of Gao Shuiping is best growing arena, the Zhu Ti

ng of the women's volleyball is an example.

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