List of player of lake person battle array leaves the his Yi Ge Da such as one banquet to pull statistic of sports season data

List of player of lake person battle array leaves the his Yi Ge Da such as one banquet

to pull statistic of sports season data

Defend greatly according to ESPN reporter - Maikemainaming report, lake person is leaving the last banquet space in the battle array, ge Da of Yi of player of the Trojan before awaiting what be bought outright by grey bear likely is pulled, lake person believes he will be the X element that team gains the championship.

Before this, trojan trades for what change after prevenient autograph in the Lasaier that gets basket network pulls Yi Ge Da tra

de to rebuke to ash, and latter is grey Xiong Xiaoli innocently, be bought outright to be big probability incident. Occupy Maikemainaming to report, ge Da of very conceivable Yi helps lake person, also can do his utmost to avoid to see latter and the situation that with city adversary flier the autograph makes an appointment with at the same time. Lake person is staying quota of people of next battle array, pull for the sake of Yi Ge Da the contract of 17.2 million dollar is bought outright finally. What we are discussing is before total final MVP, becoming him is free player when, his agent once was lake person currently holds the post ofLin Ka of general manager admire, this fellow is in the 6th total final is taken this year, all but brings back total final the 7th times Toronto. Maikemainaming is in of ESPN " sports center " say on the program, if complement this fellow,lake person feels existing battle array is medium, can become X factor.

Go up sports season, even up of Yi Ge Da all brings 5.7 minutes of 3.2 secondary attack every for Trojan, and surpass after season, on his expression a step, all 9.8 minutes of 4.3 backboard 4 secondary attack. At present Yi Ge Da of 35 years old is pulled, professional career field all 12.1 minutes of 5.1 backboard 4.4 secondary attack, if he can join in lake person, will bring top class periphery to defend, of outstanding match series and the moment of truth not common play.

Original title: Lake person battle array leaves one banquet to await Yi Ge Da to pull him to be able to edit into responsibility of winning X element: Li Xiaoling