Luo Ben retires goal of last station Luoben counts Bai Rencheng statistic of individual information honor

Beijing time on July 4, star collect announces Holand originally retire, the Bai Rencheng last station for his profession career. Small flying a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct expresses: Without doubt this is the hardest decision in my profession career.

Luo Ben gives Yugeluoninggen green example, subsequently he is in dust the track that kept oneself because of Huo Wen, Qieerxi, royal Madrid. Spring 2009, luo Ben joins in with social status of 24 million euro Bai Ren, comprised the combination in the Luo Bei that steps Xue Mohen with Libeili. For Bai Ren effectiveness full after 10 years, luo Benxuan choose leaves and leave subsequently green mattress field.

Luo Ben gives fight in all in professional career 606 matches, hit into 247 balls. Bai Ren is small undoubtedly career of profession of flying a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is the thickest Mo Chongcai's brushstroke, come

on the stage 309 times on behalf of Bai Ren, dedication is mixed 144 times 74 times secondary attack. Help Bai Renying had gotten 8 Europe coronal champion, De Jia 1 times 5 champion of cup of 5 league matches champion, Germany, Germany are super champion of cup of all of 1 cup champion, world. In the Europe coronal final 2013, luo Ben receives secondary attack of li of the calcaneal in shellfish, one sword seals larynx Suo Dingsheng bureau, infiltrated the one ball with Bai Rensheng the most important limit.

National group level, luo Ben comes on the stage 90 times, the gold generation with orange coating army group hand in hand, had taken the Ji Jun of the runner-up of south Africa world cup and Brazil

ian world cup. Face Kaxiliyasi's short-hilted broadsword to was not entered, also be the regret with the biggest career of team of Home Luo Benguo.

Luo Ben expresses: In the past a few weeks I am pondering over a lot of things all the time. Everybody knows, after Bai Ren leaving in me, I spend time technically to determine a formal direction for his future. I decide to say acoustical good-bye to professional career finally.

Luo Ben still expresses, this is the hardest decision that has made in his profession career.

Original title: Good-bye is small flying a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct! Luo Benzheng type announces to retire 19 years responsibility of professional career end edits: Li Xiaoling