According to the report of Brazilian media UOL Sport, shanghai explain flower to Qieerxi Williams of base of nation of star, Brazil offerred a quoted price recently. This quote will make sure Williams is in future in 3 sports season, gain the income of more than 10 million euro every year. Nevertheless, because Williams is talking with Qieerxi,renew the contract, explain the flower wants to introduce him finally, will face tremendous obstacle.

Say in the report, shanghai explain spend what the near future began Williams to turn meeting operation, and to Williams and Q

ieerxi both sides leaves gave proposal. To Qieerxi, shanghai explain the flower offers turn membership d

ue achieved 20 million euro, it is in order to persuade Qieerxi after America cup end, sell Williams instantly. 20 million euro also was broken explain the social status record that spends team history to recommend foreign aid, once Williams joins in, he will become the player with team top social status.

To Williams, explain the contract that the flower offerred a by a definite date 3 years, yearly salary about 12 million euro, and can increase somewhat according to the final result of team. For example, if Shanghai explain beautiful champion exceeds in can be being won, so Williams also can receive brushstroke to exceed Lei Yaer of 4 million Brazil (add up to a RMB about 7.15 million yuan) bonus. Of course, still include other each welfare, for example explain two the high-grade boarding house that the flower offers, cars that deserve to have a driver and airline ticket submit an expense account, etc. Pay perfectly.

The contract of Williams and Qieerxi expires to 2020, both sides has not renewed the contract, because this is theoretic,he is in today summer turn the possibility of the meeting is existence. Brazilian media says, qieerxi have not with explain flower with respect to Williams turn can launch a negotiation, and him Williams is right explain the contract that the flower offers is not interested, at present his first selection still undertakes renewing the contract negotiating with Qieerxi, the new contract that and hope wins by a definite date two years.

Sports season Williams comes on the stage 56 times for Qieerxi on, be hit into 8 balls and have 14 secondary attack, return action be fillinged to present sheet of name of group of current Brazil nation. There is a message to say before this, explain the flower will recommend a black foreign aid in Ying Chao kickball, this person is Williams, our wait and see what happens.

(A Ergao)

Original title: Expose to the sun explain beautiful high pay digs Qieerxi the star turns responsibility of 20 million euro edits membership due: Li Xiaoling