Sino-US establish diplomatic relations 40 years: Had stridden at the moment channel pits, set foot on broader journey

Report inscribed Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on January 3: Not block of Wei cloud drift hopes the eye is written in Sino-US during establishing diplomatic relations 40 years

Wu Yue of Zheng Mingda of reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Although the road of life is endless, but crucial part often has a few situations only.

To concerning between country and country character, also be such.

On January 1, 1979, sino-US and formal admit each other and build foreign relations. Sino-US establish diplomatic relations, improved the external environment of two countries not only, also changed the political economy structure of Asia-Pacifi

c and world, to international concern progress produces far-reaching effect.

Come 40 years, sino-US relation is in as sailing silver coin vast and mightily a large ship on the face, when the delay when speed fast, forward from beginning to end however. Time look at the history, combine a two advantage, fight an all injury, become Sino-US relation to develop the most important lesson and enlightenment, perforative two countries interacts this all the way harships is rough.

Nowadays, sino-US relation already arrived not of be puzzled year.

Is good luck still a challenge? Is associate still adversary? Include look upon each other, extend deepen collaboration of deal with concrete matters relating to work, appropriate canal accuses difference contradiction, boost the Sino-US relation that is fundamental key with harmonious, collaboration, stability jointly, can have stridden the channel bank before, set foot on broader journey from now on, the prospect with better start.


On November 30, 2018, american Xi Yatu. Boeing company is handed in to China here paid the 2000th Boeing the plane.

When Boeing entered Chinese market 1972, chinese aviation industry just starts. Nowadays, china has made one of civil aviaton markets with the biggest whole world. Yaohanbulunsi of president of division of Boeing company China says, the market that does not have China and take an active part in, boeing resembles impossibly developing so today expand.

The collaboration of Boeing company and China, it is an epitome that Sino-US classics trade concerns merely.

Establish diplomatic relations when, trading business volume of Sino-US and bilateral goods is not worth 2.5 billion dollar only, to 2017 this one word has reached 583.7 billion dollar, 233 times was 1979.

Come 40 years, sino-US two countries has become there am me in you, the interest community that there are you in me. While via trade collaboration is promoting Chinese economy progress and improvement of the people's livelihood, also let the United States obtain step situation investment, enter the much business opportunity such as Chinese market, to American economy structure of welfare of growth, consumer, economy upgraded to produce main effect.

Beautiful square data shows, 2015, the cotton of 22% , Boeing plane of 26% , soja of 56% sells the United States toward China, 46 cities of American include China respective market of before 5 big export; According to U.N. data, came 2001 2017, sino-US trading business volume grew 4.4 times, meanwhile, american unemployment rate from 5.7% drop 4.1% .

Association of 40 years proves, the essence that Sino-US classics trade cooperates is mutual benefit win-win.

The taking of achievement, should be attributed to two countries be opposite since the government is long-term equal, reason, photograph of to travel principle grasp hold.

It is classics trade domain not merely, 40 years, sino-US concern progress covered square respect range.

On November 8, 2018, national chairman be used to makes the same score Kissinger of the Secretary of State before the United States that interviews the old friend of Chinese people 95 years old in people congress hall nearly, praise he made historic contribution for Sino-US concern progress.

40 old before, during the Kissinger that assistant of work of security of American president state holds the post of when visits Pakistan, borrow machine implementation to be visited secretly China, open Sino-US between dusty gate of more than 20 years. When those, sino-US and long-term isolation, the contact of two countries still should lend his country channel.

Nowadays, sino-US two countries had achieved a high level between regular contact, bilateral dialog mechanism has exceeded 100, covered the square respect range that two countries interacts almost.

Association of 40 years proves, sino-US put in common interest in extensive field, bilateral common feature is more than difference far.

Tomb figure of Chinese giant panda, military forces is far cross the seas and oceans, in American widely known; Of the United States " Jurassic park " waited for Hollywood to bring organic shock big pieces for Chinese audience; Yao Ming of red of flying person tall, small giant is to make generation more Sino-US basketball is confused people the memory of take delight in talking about; China was in the beauty 2017 the student studying abroad is close 420 thousand person, the United States is Chinese student leaves the country study abroad the biggest destination

Association of 40 years proves, although Sino-US two countries is separated by vast oceans, but geographical distance never cuts off each other are close to two great nations. The effort that both sides seeks friendly association and mutual benefit cooperation never overblown.


Regard Security Council of system of before the biggest developing country on the world and the biggest developed country, whole world two old economy, U.N. as the permanent member, the relation between Sino-US two countries surmounts bilateral category already, it is special and important that two countries develops prosperous bear to defending world peace and stability, stimulative whole world responsibility, own extensive and common interest.

2018, korea peninsula condition appears significant a favourable turn, of face nucleus problem relevant each just are in become silent long already hind pick up a dialog again again, sino-US the communication between is harmonious produced main effect.

Long period of order and stability of peninsula of have sth in mind, give attention to two or morethings each square reasonable care, just think ceaselessly in and design the primary train of thought that solves peninsula nucleus problem, put forward and drive a peninsula denuclearize and build peaceful mechanism double track to keep abreast of.

The fact proves, the view that reviews the chairman holds to the United States to should begin a dialogue with Korea is correct. American president Telangpu says in communicating with Chairman Xi Jinping, the main effect that in the United States just is thanked very and taking seriously highly, just goes up in Korea peninsula problem, the square communication in wishing to continue to be the same as closely is harmonious.

Be in early Sino-US at the beginning of establishing diplomatic relations, examine of scholastic acumen a hole in the ground arrives: Sino-US relation will become one of the mainest bilateral concerns, two countries cooperates, benefit world.

Go 40 years, this grinds sentence get confirm ceaselessly: Sino-US collaboration, can turn a lot of is helpful for into the important matter of two countries and world.

From 9 11 incident after fear cooperating instead, coordinate to the macroscopical economic policy after international banking crisis, from should change to safeguard international nucleus not to diffuse to climate system, arrive from energy security commissariat is safe, arrive again drive solve problem of heat of area of and other places of face nucleus, Afghanistan, Syria, sino-US maintaining close dialog and communicate, producing main effect.


Establish diplomatic relations 40 years to come, sino-US relation always is not plain sailing.

Processing problem, canal accuses difference, an important edificatory is, want correct from beginning to end look upon intent of each other strategy, respect and take care of interest of each other core and great care.

After two countries establishs diplomatic relations before long, united States Congress was passed disobey the country is municipal in building hand over to the collective or the state to sign up for spirit, interference with Taiwan relation law. Classics both sides consults repeatedly negotiation, 1982, sino-US two countries published 817 communique, the property that beautiful square affirmatory limitation sells a weapon to the stage and amount, weapon that reduces pair of stands stage by stage sells, solve finally through making this problem gets for some time.

Event of galactic 1993 signal, 1996 Taiwan Strait crisis, 1999 scamper embassy episode, bumped into machine incident 2001

Face a problem, root is occupied in Sino-US principle of 3 combination bulletin, concern of according to international is main criterion, just have determined and strong bargaining and accuse and denounce at a meeting to the United States, maintain oneself dominion, safe interest sturdily. Come 40 years, harships of classics of Sino-US relationship one by one and twist, but overall the travel before keeping stable.

Current, sino-US trade friction is paid close attention to extensively by home of Sino-US two countries and international society.

On one hand, epicycle is Sino-US classics trade friction already lasted a few months, meantime reachs consensus to meet with again beautiful square tear to shreds, cause the outside to cooperate to Sino-US classics trade of foreground anxious;

On the other hand, united States of close period of time is right China the negative area in policy looks up apparently, a few force are in the domain such as classics trade, safety undertakes to China for no reason censures often, create contrary mood artificially, disturb atmosphere of two countries impact.

Sino-US regard the world as two the largest economy put oneself in another's position, be being put in a few difference in classics trade domain is completely normal, the key is the mental appropriate that should act on mutual respect, equal mutual benefit the canal accuses, find what both sides can accept to settle way.

The moment of truth, sino-US dynast is in Si Aili of Nuo of Argentine cloth appropriate this cite guild interview, reach consensus with respect to problem of concerned classics trade, for trade of two countries classics attrition presses next suspensive key.

Ought to notice, even if commerce chafes,this one negative factor is affected, sino-US between still maintaining relatively each class with close frequency communicates association, this also shows classics giving one by one 40 years to develop, the one side that Sino-US relation matures ceaselessly.

Meet in Sino-US dynast around, forum of collaboration of the 3rd dialog of safety of the 2nd round of Sino-US diplomacy, Sino-US legislature that visit a city, eleventh annulus the 8th curule dialog, Sino-US judicatory before Sino-US and industrial and commercial cacique is mixed and human rights seminar are held early or late.

Disclose according to spokesman of news of Department of Commerce, even if is to be in when the beauty just is in Christmas holiday, trade group also maintained Sino-US classics to be communicated closely from beginning to end. In January 2019, both sides consults besides the phone that continues to keep concentrated outside, had made the specific arrangement that consults face-to-face.

Be in the more encounter a problem, when be disturbed, both sides wants the direction that cooperates adamantinely along the dialog to stride forth more.

The body amount that considers Sino-US economy and actual complexity, the road that solves a problem is destined won't even. However, want both sides to grasp from beginning to end only hold Sino-US the common interest between is more than difference, cooperative need is more than the belief of attrition, strengthen branch of punish of collaboration of dialog, focusing, appropriate, can drive bilateral classics trade to the relation returns normal course as soon as possible and obtain new bigger development.


Confucius of Chinese wise man says, 40 and not be puzzled. Not of be puzzled year, sino-US how should enhance each other letter? Next 40 years, will bilateral relationship move toward He Fang?

Recall the past in the light of the present, with Shi Weijian, often can find thing backside to develop the rule necessarily.

On December 18, 1978, be in Sino-US before establishing diplomatic relations before long, the Chinese Communist holds 11 3 in plenary meeting, made those who execute reforming and opening is historic decision-making. This is to decide the key of contemporary China destiny is enrolled, also be decision implementation the Chinese nation of two centenary struggling targets, implementation is great revived key is enrolled.

The huge success that Chinese reforming and opening gains exceeds far the imagination of common people; The tremendous progress that Sino-US relation achieves also was surmounted far in those days anticipate.

After 40 years today, china continues to move toward future with the attitude of reforming and opening, the world each country that insists to include the United States inside together win-win of mutual respect, collaboration.

Cooperative ability double win, antagonism causes all injury.

The United States also should cast off the 0 thinking that weichi with rich, the development of China of look upon of ground of more positive obverse side, and should not make new rival artificially, lest fatidical self-fulfilment.

The history and reality prove, collaboration is Sino-US and only correct alternative, win-win ability leads to good future. Broad Pacific Ocean can hold Sino-US two countries and other country.

By antagonism or dominant of cold war thinking right China the long-term interests that policy does not accord with the United States, also won't get the support of any other countries. The United States Bao Daoge of vice-chairman of international peace foundation says Carnegie, maintai

ning contact and balance is the United States is opposite China policy chooses exclusively.

The United States breaths out Buddha university to teach Yaosefunai to think, from long-term in light of, relation of Sino-US two countries is collaboration necessarily, because a lot of have the problem of main effect to both sides, cannot answer alone in the United States, the collaboration that does not have both sides and try hard together with other country, the problem such as change of such as climate gets have no way settlement.

In Siai of cloth appropriate Nuo Lisihui in interview, sino-US dynast agrees to boost the Sino-US relation that is fundamental key with harmonious, collaboration, stability jointly, to solve Sino-US a problem of existence, enlarge extensive field deal with concrete matters relating to work collaboration, drive Sino-US relation health to stabilized development to make a program.

Face future, sino-US both sides should have sth in mind is long-term, show take on, safeguard two countries relation to stabilize development overall situation with real operation, prompt Sino-US concern jointly before right way continues, go forward!

Original title: Not block of Wei cloud drift looks at an eye -- write in Sino-US during establishing diplomatic relations 40 years, responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin