Tian Haisun can reappear hopeful advocate field general is opposite a harbor on Wei Mian champion

Enter the most pleasant stage gradually, with go up harbor one prewar, day sea made match poster for the problem with this, its implied meaning is not satisfy at instantly, expect to do better more in the match in future however. Look in a lot of people, advocate field is right a champion that defend crown, day sea wins a range not quite, but face the more impossible, need a player more people show piece without the temperame

nt with dauntless dread, break through protective screen hard.

Yesterday afternoon, day sea undertook publicity training in base, training content and do not have before 2 send, after brief warm up trains, team member people enter defy in group link, key drilling is attacked prevent changeover and before apply pressure. This is the training train of thought that with happiness of an ancient name for China one prewar continuance comes down, just go for some time, side key by defend turn to aggression. The high-ranking officer is prevented after regarding as, pei Shuai knows very well old Shuai Xinsai, the coach hopes to pass training, solve the aggression problem of team.

Recently two rounds of league matches, shen Xiangfu emphasizes deepness defending, day sea defends upright performance is good, restrained the aggression firepower that line of adversary sharp edge carries basically, but the price that pays for this is whole blast model answer the aggression after removing faint. In the match, day sea aggression carries administrative levels disorder, delicacy to have window, sheet relies on to defend, be cannot the palm controls active right. More what is more,the rather that this battle faces the harbor on the strong opponent, day sea line of defence is facing enormous challenge, if do not have aggression end to partake pressure, vie mentions have no way.

Also accordingly, on training course, large space drilling attacks Shen Xiangfu, emphasize the assurance of the opportunity before the door especially, defy in group link, you come to both sides my go toing is lively very, however unexpectedly midway appeared accident ─ ─ after the body defies, ministry of A orchid leg gets hurt, before going up at top speed, group medical service undertakes urgent deal with, supporting sb with hand subsequently the Brazilian exited training, this one act lets the heart of present holder mention voice key point, space race only remnant two climate accident gets hurt, a Lan whether the battle that catchs up with ferry Shanghai, be hit an enormous unsolved problem.


ere also is good news to be transmitted inside day sea team very much, sun Ke the condition of an injury approachs recover from an illness, reappear to already was carried program. To recover as soon as possible, sun Ke goes back and forth between Yu Jingjin everyday two cities, accept rehabilitation treatment in the morning, hurried back afternoon base attends training, so pains shortened on certain level restore cycle. Sun Ke says: Hope to be able to help team very much, I am undertaking actively resumptive now, each days forward one pace, believe very fast can return competition ground. (reporter Wang Zi)

Original title: Prepare for war sea of day of the harbor on the strong opponent practices hard aggression responsibility editor: Li Xiaoling