Ying Chao Ka Difu wins battle of next life and death! Counterattack of field of the 3 guests after be defeated repeatedly is over get the better of Bulaidu

In day of race of this Europe coronal, ying Chao competition ground also undertook protect class big fight crucially. The power of 3 2-0 of field of Ka Difu's guest that beat repeatedly overcome Bulaidu, lighted the hope that maintain level afresh.

Before this battle, ka Difu accumulates reciprocal of 28 minutes of ranks the 3rd, backward reciprocal the cloth Lai of the 4th pauses 5 minutes, if the ball loses in this direct dialog, almost will fixed fall flower coronal. Below enormous pressure, ka Difu player erupts to seek to live on strongly desire, pull the head of the world wave that hold high and Morison, help team 2-0 is over get the better of.

After seeking to live on absolutely, player people of course insanity is celebrated, but old handsome Wonuoke of 70 years old is unusually sober however. Should pull hold high when with a bang advancing the first ball, wo Nuo overcomes attendant edge one face is solemn, pull hold high see state, the assistant that is forced to mix celebrates a goal. Overdo to do not make a player excited, wonuoke still exhorts persistently oneself full back notices to defend.

Besides the enormous pressure that maintain level, wonuoke also is really be done to be afraid of by all sorts of recent one moth. 1-2 of the 32nd round of Ka Difu not enemy Qieerxi, asipilikuida an extremely app

arent offside goal is sentenced effective, the station after Wonuoke is enraged so that surpass is in in the circle protests to juridical group; The 34th round of 0-2 loses Bern interest, the handball inside the forbidden zone of adversary is disregarded by the judgment again. Indignant Wonuoke states whole world of Ying Chao's referee is the soddenest for a time, the result still suffers flower sufficient tota

l accusation.

Original title: Do not believe a life! Win battle of next life and death repeatedly by the Ying Chao team of black chirp! Gravity of face of 70 years old of old Shuai Yi does not celebrate responsibility to edit: Li Xiaoling