American congregation courtyard " 3 characters " leave hospital meet with in the ball park before this pop

Login register courtyard of congregation of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " 3 characters " leave hospital meet with in the ball park before this pop origin: ? ?2017-07-27 21:4 of huge rock of discharge  contraction1 Http://

In report will occupy new network on July 27 outside intermediary report, the party of party of congress Boule majority that in American Washington special zone a ball park gets hurt last month by pop flogs Sikalisi (Steve Scalise) leaves hospital permissibly at 25 days. Nevertheless, next he must continue to accept long-term answer be good at cure.

Diao Haiyang of reporter of China News Service absorbs " />6 month 14 days, the United States nots the one place ball park of city of Alexander of auspicious Ni Yazhou produces pop record. When the accident, team of baseball of party of republican of American congregation parliament is training inside field. Pop incident is caused include republic party party to flog Sikalisi inside much person is injured. The graph discovers an extent around for the thing. Diao Haiyang of reporter of China News Service is photographed

According to the report, hospital respect says, sikalisi of 51 years old gets " may deadly " bullet wound, nevertheless 6 weeks recover progress is good.

Sikalisi is the standpatter star that rising abruptly in congress, it is numerous courtyard now the 3rd leader, he will be in on June 14 for congress when practice a ball game of ball game of two parties charity, be hit with musket by a man left buttock. Second incident is here medium, assistant of a personnel of go canvassing of a Washington, congress, and a congress police that ever fought with gunman also is injured, they already left hospital after the course is treated.

But the doctor says, the bullet that hits Sikalisi is dissilient, a large num

ber of fragments are piercing his bone, splanchnic with blood-vessel, make his life dying. After Sikalisi is sent a hospital, performed an operation a few times, for a time ICU of pass in and ou


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