Day police announces cause of death of sister of book of be murdered China: Be choked by strangle and die doubt is mistreated beat up

According to Japan " morning sun news " will report on July 15, police of plain county of Japanese god Nai announced the cadaver check of the Chinese book sister in day be murdered 15 days to report, time of 2 people death is this month the first ten days of a month, because the neck is choked by curb,all die.

The cadaver check report that day just publishs still makes clear, skin of on 2 person many place becomes angry,

before doubt is like dead, suffer mistreat beat up be caused by.

Japanese police is in wild city of the Qin Dynasty of divine Nai plain county at 13 days of late nights temple mountain forest discovers two remains in outcast boot, via confirming with all possible means, these two bodies are the sister of book of a pair of China that is missing before this.

The news that reports cite Japan police says, the sister of two China book of be murdered is the Chen Baolan that lives inside yokohama city respectively (die 25 years old year) with Chen Baozhen (die 22 years old year) . 2 people break couplet 7 days this month. The frequenter of an eating house that in the elder sister Chen Baolan works has great suspicion. The message says, this man is Japanese, 30 years old or so, inside the apartment that ever was filmed by monitoring sister of discrepancy China book lives when case hair. The car that additionally its drive also appears and disappear around the spot that fling dead body.

Occupy story of Japanese TBS TV station additionally, when 2 people body is discovered, the elder sister is nearly complete naked, there is the dress on little sister body.

China is stationed in Japanese embassy 14 days to release an information afternoon, "On July 14 afternoon 15:29, receive Japanese police bulletin, two remains that 13 days of late nights discover are the Chinese book sister that is missing before this truly, at present the case still is in further investigation. My house asks Japanese police values this proposal again, find out incident truth as soon as possible, arrest a murderer, punish severely lawfully. My house will continue to pay close attention to case progress closely. " (primary problem is " day police announces in cause o

f death of sister of book of China of day be murdered: Be choked by strangle and die doubt is mistreated beat up " )

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