Does Thailand Bangkok have bus refus to hold Chinese visitor? The netizen is oppugned " the path that entertain a guest "

Thailand welcomes all along by the passenger, but the netizen goe

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turday (22 days) point out in Facebook dispatch, royal cropland square has Bangkok bus refus holds Chinese book visitor, cause netizen heat to discuss, whether is having hostage doubt way more the entertain a guest path of Thailand.

Hong Kong east the report will say the net on July 24, disclose according to this netizen, last week 5 (21 days) crepuscular, chinese tourist asks carry out bank note with English at that time 15 buses whether reach its destination, bluff weighs alone booking clerk cannot, a female passenger sees state responds this China tourist loudly, it is OK to say.

The act of female passenger draws booking clerk dissatisfaction instantly, more say: Let them go down, do not give get on a car, make what do, since you cry, that yourself is in charge of attending.

After incident exposure, many netizens leave a message doubt practice, more somebody appeals Bangkok traffic carries this matter of intervening processing of agency and relevant section.

Original title: Refus be exposinged to the sun carries Bangkok bus Chinese tourist netizen oppugns " the path that entertain a guest " responsibility edits: Ji Wei dimension

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