Jerusalem of Xinhua News Agency on July 17 report (reporter Wang Bo is heard) aim when party of home of Jew of Israel ultra-Right political party

puts forward aggrandizement is right Jerusalem pilot act, 16 days obtain ministerial degree legislator can be approved. This act sets, with any square abandoning the motion of Jerusalem land must win a parliament 2/3, namely the supportive ability of 80 above assemblyman is pas


According to the report, israel parliament will undertake discussion deliberative to act later.

Analytic personage thinks, if act is obtained pass formally, mean Israel very remand hard advantageous position of Jerusalem part control is reached for compromise with cling to peaceful agreement, this did not come to the influence undoubtedly with cling to peaceful process.

Jerusalem is attributive the problem is with cling to one of core problems of conflict. Road of occupational 1967 Dong Ye scatters Israel cold, and one-sided announces whole Jerusalem is his " permanent and cannot break up " capital, but did not get international society admits extensively. Jerusalem builds independent Palestine state for the capital to the south of Palestine view.

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