Korea 6 turn over greatly " Sa heart " organization demand government stops deploy " Sa heart "

Xinhua News Agency head Er on August 10 report (Geng Xuepeng of beautiful jade of reporter Yao Qi) Korea star city, Jin Quan's people and team of the 6 great mind that turn over Sa celebrate Shang Beidao 10 days in Korea the press conference is held near ground of deploy of heart of Sa of astral city county, fight Korea government former on the astral state that had that day electromagnetic wave of Sa Deji ground detects investigation. Object strongly of dweller and body of city v/arc civil corps falling in place, this one investigation aborts.

Anti thinks, the electromagnetic wave that Korea government plans to carry out detects investigation is a purpose influence of will miniature environment evaluates legalization, they express to object strongly to this. Statement says, deploy Sa heart has 100 to kill and do not have one benefit, regard the Korea people that treasures peace as heart of Sa of responsible boycott deploy.

Statement still puts forward to asked at 4 o'clock: Korea government stops miniature environment influence to evaluate instantly; Stop to start Sa heart system instantly, dismantle Sa heart equips; Halt the construction of deploy Sa heart, after moving Sa hea

rt to equip, influence of executive strategy environment is evaluated; Investigate the illegal process of deploy Sa heart in the round, punish severely responsibility person.

Before this, year end was opposite Ceng Yu of Korea department of defense 2016 city of star of ground of deploy of Sa heart system first phase is not worth golf field the part of 330 thousand square metre, undertook miniature environment influence is evaluated, refer environmental ministry at will evaluating a result on July 24. Environmental ministry plans to will evaluate a result to undertake the spot affirms to this one miniature environment on August 10 formerly, but boycott strongly by local people.

On July 29, korea president Wen Zaiyin is chaired hold security meeting, be aimed at Korea test-fire intercontinental ballistic missile, branch and beauty just negotiate aggrandizement to deter a medium related the directive, include temporarily the rest of deploy Sa heart equips. This makes known this position to cause Korea star city, Jin Quan to object strongly of local people and citizen group.

Original title: Korea 6 turn over greatly " Sa heart " organization demand government stops deploy " Sa heart " responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin

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