Russian " scared pop chart " give heat: Most be afraid that prices rises

In report will occupy new network on July 17 coverage of Russia satellite network, an investigation that research center of public opinion of complete Russia society launchs shows, prices rises and to the fear of international conflict still is the main factor that lets a Russian feel disturbed.

The report says, investigation shows, after prices rises to conflict with international, the platoon is in tertiary is " healthy problem " and " obtain medical treatment to help hard " .

According to investigation, what the Russian will rio

t to home in April and conflict is anxious and remarkable increase, will reduce apparently in June. Rampant to crime scared degree also presents similar trend.

In addition, the Russian reduces the scared rank that reachs unemployment to rise to income. Domestic problem row " scared pop chart " last.

This investigation is shared come from Russia the 1600 people o

f 130 dwellers dot enter 46 areas.

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