Russian zoo again " match " Hu Yang is the same as basket how long can be friendship maintained?

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In report will occupy new network on July 24 Russia media coverage, message of website of wild animal garden weighs area of Russia seaside border area, of Moore of famous tiger A " fiancee " -- tigress black Su Li and Er of graph of a goat together occupy pound.

With the tiger the goat that lives together in Wu Su is called graph Er. According to the report, this one tiger one sheep is occupy the associate that became famous 2015 -- goat hophornbeam Er and the pound that Amuer once had stayed in the tiger.

Data picture: Tiger " Amuer " with the goat " hophornbeam Er " .

To withhold be concerned about, zoo garden grows Mei Jin to pick the reason that the husband did not disclose to they live together at that time and time.

Wild animal released the video that the animal lives jointly on garden website. Tigress takes a walk in pound, sleep in Amuer's original burrow, the goat is taking a walk nearby and sleep.

Was born in Muscovite zoo to breed the young tigress of field regards a tiger as A Mu Er in Wu Su on June 3, 2014 " fiancee " wild animal park of area of border area of seaside be reachinged by carry.

2015, goat hophornbeam Er and the friendship with tiger A solemn special Er are paid close attention to by media. The goat is put into pound to cast as quarry feed a tiger, but the tiger did not eat it, gave because of hophornbeam Er fight back. The goat held a tiger even sleep the ground, force latter to sleep to ceiling. Two animals are respective and alone pass the night, but take a walk together in the zoo by day. Hophornbeam Er and Amuer became the favorite on Russia network, the video hit on the network has several 1 million.

Nevertheless, russia zoo respect 2016 the beginning of the year, because the goat is provoked ceaselessly by tiger A Moore " lesson " , amuer captures a goat to push its downhill slope, two " enemy " photograph adjacent and house. The goat's the condition of an injury is serious, accepted antibiotic and treatment of disease-resistant bane thing.

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