Telangpu faces proposal of punish of beautiful congress thrust " the Incantation of the Golden hoop "

Washington of Xinhua News Agency on July 26 report (Liu Jiafei of Zhou Erjie of reporter Liu Chen) Boule of United States Congress is held with 25 days with 419 tickets, 3 tickets object vote the result passes second reading, the requirement implements new sanction to Russia, Iran and Korea the Three Kingdoms, restrict American president to remove to make the power that reduce to Russia.

Analytic personage thinks, this one second reading the possibility that passes in senate is great, but whether can be the biggest variable that its are faced with signed in Yutelangpu. This are second reading once formal go into effect, farther concussion beautiful Russia concerns, also will bring negative effect to problem of heat of a few areas.

[of Telangpu " the Incantation of the Golden hoop " ]

This are second reading point out, implementing new sanction to Russia is to be based on " Russia is suspected of general election of president of interpose United States " , and increase punish criterion and military strength of two countries development to concern to Iran and Korea.

Join committee of voting Boule diplomacy general affairs chairman collect Yi Si said that day, afore-mentioned the Three Kingdomses " the core interest of minatory United States " . Favour of numerous prolocutor luck says, this is second reading it is pair of United States " the most dangerous enemy " " puissant tie " .

This are second reading in to Telangpu the limitative clause in experience Russia general affairs gets attention fully. Second reading regulation, the president is in make include derate to be made to Russia cut into parts or remand belongings of diplomacy be closinged down involve the United States to Russia foreign policy " major change " when the action, all need to submit a report to congress, congress has authority to overrule presidential decision.

Teng Jianqun of director of institute of United States of academy of China International problem thinks, this Boule polls through punish case report goes out, two parties assemblyman thinks this the Three Kingdoms is safe to American country generally the menace of the interest is bigger and bigger, to Telangpu at the same time the optional sex of foreign policy is mixed unpredictability is more an

d more disturbed.

"A series of foreign policy that after Telangpu appears on the stage, issue lack strategic vision, let a lot of traditional ally feel malcontent, so Boule should restrict him, ensure American foreign policy puts in the right path 's charge again. " Teng Jianqun says.

According to media coverage, the group censures Telangpu before this second reading reduced a president to go up in processing diplomacy general affairs " flexibility " , try to persuade congress to modify second reading content, did not win a success however.

[can be the president become " obstacle " ? ]

This second reading will be discussed by deliver senate next. Media thinks generally, this are passed before hoping in view of two parties in August congress of the middle ten days of a month adjourns second reading, predict it will appear very quickly in senate to vote in program.

Teng Jianqun thinks, senate passes this second reading should the question is not big. "National security is American politics in the most sensitive also most the problem of test person wisdom, cosmopolitan to the politician of this United States choice ' follow the general trend ' , be afraid of be buckled to go up ' not patriotic ' cap. In eye of two parties assemblyman, the menace of the the Three Kingdoms is actual, direct. The menace of the the Three Kingdoms is actual, direct..

If senate also is passed this is second reading, second reading will be handed over Telangpu signs become effective. At present American public opinion pays close attention to Telangpu to whether can sign most. The information that heretofore of the White House releases is still ambiguous. Sangdesi says secretary of news of the White House, telangpu supports pair of E Yichao to implement severe sanction; And Sikalamuji of director of office of contact of communication of the White House says, telangpu has not made up an idea.

Teng Jianqun thinks, the White House may support this finally second reading. "Telangpu is faced with cure to protect rate of act suffocate suffocate, support to glide now the municipal difficult problem that waits for extremely urgent, solve these difficult problem to need home to guard force to cooperate. Deny draft resolution to meet those who let him to be in office nature of fundamental happening root shakes. So without giving thought to special how doesn't bright general like this second reading, still meet finally toughen one's scalp-brace oneself is signed. Still meet finally toughen one's scalp-brace oneself is signed..

American media thinks generally, this are second reading the clear limitation enough that to Telangpu experience Russia acts reflects meeting going abroad the distrust to him. If Telangpu denies draft resolution, will naturally deepen congress to be in office to its the misgive of the respect, also can increase the crack of he and republic party.

[influence beautiful Russia concerns]

Boule passes this second reading hind, presently just make response quickly already. Russian federal committee (the courtyard on the parliament) Kesaqiefu of chairman of committee of international general affairs says, russia just will adopt severity to make step instead.

Analytic personage thinks, one of standards that beautiful Russia relation improves depend on American derate be opposite Russian punish, and United States Congress goes all lengths bright general derate is opposite limitative spy Russian punish, increase pair of Russia continuously keep within limits and dozen pressure, the possibility that means improvement of beautiful Russia relation is reduced further. Future, beautiful Russia relation may be maintained fight and infrangible condition, continue to be in low move.

Concern about beautiful Yi, teng Jianqun thinks, although American government challenges Yi nucleus agreement again and again of late, but in view of this agreement sign below multilateral frame, governmental or else would rather interrupt Telangpu unlikelily also agreement. "In the future that can foreknow, beautiful Yi both sides or meeting continue ' cat and mice ' interactive mode. Beautiful Yi both sides or meeting continue ' cat and mice ' interactive mode..

He expresses, on problem of nucleus of hold office at court, the government also realizes Telangpu gradually its heft and complexity, compare the position at the beginning of assuming office more " sober discretion " , american future is returned to trend of plan of affairs of state remain to observe.

Analytic personage expresses, american Boule carries the meaning that implements new sanction to the the Three Kingdoms this basically is symbolistic. But undeniable is, this are second rea

ding cheat a shadow through can giving the United States and the concern of afore-mentioned the Three Kingdomses, the settlement that gives relevant area the issue brings more uncertainty. (According to client of Xinhua News Agency end reports)

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