The pen does not stop 107 years old n cultivated land bay descendants old person is zealous write a book to publish the 10th novel

In report will occupy new network on July 17 Australia network coverage, very much macrobian old person can give him to decide a goal, make oneself busy rise, be born in Australia Bulisi old person of 107 years old of of class Nundah area bay descendants Dexter Keluge (Dexter Kruger) is not exceptional also, he is fond of write a book.

Keluge is Australia the 4th most one of macrobian. He moves Rome in 103 years old, became Rome most macrobian. Recently, the 10th his novel " the Dexter of young period " (Dexter At His Prime) is published.

The report says, keluge's newest novel " the Dexter of young period " the lifetime that depicted oneself, the means picture that combines with reality an

d dummy photograph the romaunt that his rich and colorful lives, and the secret that he holds young. As we have learned, after the wife dies, Keluge begins writing oneself, 20 also do not have for years discontinuous. Keluge had written 210 stories, share 1.8 million word, these stories basically describe the experience that he grows in Australia.

Keluge expresses, (Be in bay) rustication is the crucial factor that he achieves milestone, "I think this just is in because of me (Australia) the life in rustic environment, live in forest. I maintain close tie with nature as far as possible. I think the place in life sees (natural) the scenery is having tremendous ef

fect to the length of outspread life. I think the place in life sees (natural) the scenery is having tremendous effect to the length of outspread life..

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