The United States, Russia and Jordan come to an agreement cease-fire of ministry of supportive Syria southwest

Amman of Xinhua News Agency on July 7 report (reporter Lin Xiaowei) Mumani of Jordanian government spokesman expresses 7 days, the United States, Russia and Jordanian tripartite reached southwest of Syria of a support in Jordanian capital Amman that day the agreement of ministry cease-fire, consultative general this month 9 days of become effective.

Pull news agency to report especially according to Jordanian admire, mumani says

in a statement that day, the United States, Russia and Jordanian tripartite agree consistently that day, supportive cease-fire aims to make Syrian south conflict permanent demote, end hostile operation, restore area stability, offer advantage for humanitarian aid.


ni expresses, the United States, Russia and Jordanian tripartite emphasize, support is mixed in peace talks of Syrian problem Geneva U.N. Security Council on the foundation of 2254 resolution, seek permanent political solution for Syrian problem, the independence that assures Syria and dominion are complete.

Syrian southwest ministry and Jordanian border on.

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