Brazilian federal total chief procurator sues corruption of Er of presidential spy plum formally

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] will report on June 26 local time according to British Reuter, 26 days, brazilian federal total chief procurator Yanuote (Rodrigo Janot) because of corruption, sue this state formally to the supreme court presidential Temeier.

The repor

t says, this is Brazilian total chief procurator is sued to the supreme court first be in a president. According to this law law, congress commons must be decided by ball

ot now whether to have trial to the president.

Accordingly before report, a report that Brazilian federal police will publish on June 20 shows, police already mastered the relevant evidence that presidential Temeier takes bribes.

Police says, temeiertong crosses its trusted follower, before representative Luodelige Luosha Luolei this, collection the flesh kind the bribery that production machines controller of enterprise JBS group to be like Aisili Badisida.

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