Bring progress of times managerial scandal: Province of Japanese liberal art confirms Ceng Ji is applied pressure

In report will occupy new network on June 15 day intermediary report, in the light of Japanese premier An Beijin the 3 lyceum that are suspected of be friend set veterinary medicine department newly and to science of department of this country language the province uses force belong to the same organization, 15 days had new progress this month.

Although respect of Japanese premier official mansions is denied again and again, but an in-house findings that province of science of Japanese language department announces 15 days shows, how times ever had brought to bear on to liberal art province really pressure.

According to the report, that day, minister of science of Japanese language depa

rtment Songyeboyi is interviewed in the reporter on express, investigate according to what science of Japanese language department saves, concerned school legal person is added plan lyceum sets issue of veterinary medicine department newly, the record and narrate in having 14 files data at least relevant content.

In including to install times ministerial government office to give Japanese liberal art the demand of the province among them, writing this clearly is premier official mansions the opinion of top layer, intent that this is a premier.

As we have learned, before this, minister of science of Japanese language department denies the presence that has relevant file data all the time. But save a cadre in view of Japanese liberal art ceaseless to this country opposition and media provide relevant evidential data, make Song Ye must announce to have internal investigation. After announcing a result, loose wild immediately apologizes to Japanese

all circles, state oneself will be modest accept criticism.

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