Heart abroad is long: Berlin is intended new page of as bilateral as Muscovite open relationship

Network of Russia satellite news will report on June 29, it is good in E Deyou that day th

at German minister of foreign affairs adds Bulier express when the speech on urban plenary meeting, berlin respect is intended the new page of as bilateral as Muscovite respect open relationship.

Jiabulier says: "We hope to the new page " of active meaning is had on history of open two countries. He points out, the level that Russian heart concerns is decided not just by the relation of national level, also depend on the relation of two countries folk.

Jiabulier says: E.g. , syria and Wu Kelan churchyard are in produce conflict, we are put in different view on this problem. But, we see person and person between and friendship exists between different group. From political viewpoint for, difficult problem exists between us, but we ought not to abandon the collaboration between different nation group, because most difficulty is of political respect, but more important is to establish better civilian relationship.

In addition, he still expresses, of Berlin and Muscovite need is the mutual understanding between two countries people. Only the dialog can

promote the each other between two countries letter standard, we need to be in municipal and company level has more credit. [round-the-world net reports reporter Zhu Pei]

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