Side of peaceful travel bus turns over 48 people to get hurt or because of raining the road slips send to lose control of one's vehicle

In report will occupy new network on June 30 Thailand " world daily " report, local time 29 days of before dawn 4 when make, one leaves for Mo La to be restricted from Bangkok the travel bus of government office produces side to break up, bring about tens of people to get hurt.

According to the report, the bus breaths out area of salad can government office in course Ma like that prefectural area presses down place of kilometer of mainstay line 32-33 to pr

oduce side to break up like that.

It is reported, on the car 48 people are different degree gets hurt, among them 4 person load.

The report says, preliminary estimation to rain the road slips bring about to lose

control of one's vehicle.

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