The Da Huazhou inside the United States will allow a businessman to sell recreation use marijuana to adult

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] will report on June 30 accord

ing to British Reuter, da Huazhou is American churchyard inside exclusive a city rich variety line of business and prostitution legalization, current, this city is preparing further: Include Neidahua entertainment with marijuana city adult can have article legally.

On July 1, da Huazhou exceeds more than 10 business name

a person for a particular job to begin to offer marijuana inside.

According to the report, regard constituency of the Da Huazhou inside November 2016 as the result with a second reading legalization of poll support, da Huazhou will join the United States inside other the cavalcade of 4 cities and Colombian special zone, allow entertainment of specific crowd business to use marijuana.

Si Difen of female spokesman of department of Nevada duty Wu Ni (StephanieKlapstein) expresses, already the hempen point of sales of accredit will be allowed to sell those who amount to 28 grams " recreation uses utility " marijuana gives 21 years old of above adult.

Marijuana trades to consume the market to be prohibited in the public. Da Huazhou already promulgated new code inside, object may drawing the hempen edible shape of children, for example the fruit shape of flood marijuana is candied. Besides the groovy national sale tax of 4.6% , china city is amounted to to also will impose the additional consumption tax of 10% to hempen buying and selling inside.

This city of short duration will not obtain superintendency orgnaization to approve the measure of specific door inn of sale marijuana certainly. Say according to place of Si Difen Ni, entire administrative division already submitted 60 application, the duty Wu ministry that she belongs to is superintending Neidahua the hempen market of the city. Got sale 2015 in this city only the drugstore of medical and hempen legalization qualified application recreation uses talent hempen sale licence. Among them a lot of drugstore will be opened in Las Vegas -- this Neidahua the city with the biggest city and center of rich variety line of business.

Hempen policy project (Marijuana Policy Project) Mei Sen of a spokesman? Tefute (Mason Tvert) expresses, "How do every year will the tourist saw with one's own eyes that comes from complete beauty and even world each district witnesses control marijuana work. " other 3 cities -- the constituency of city of a place of strategic importance also supports California, Maine and Ma Sazhu to use business entertainment hempen legalization. 2012, washington and division collect pulled much city to become first state that uses business entertainment hempen legalization, after Russia straps ridge city and Alaska close therewith. Hempen in federal law illegimate still. American most city allows marijuana to be used at medical utility, is not beguiling utility.

One spokesman is in American judiciary the refus in mail approves hempen business belong to the same organization to make a comment to Neidahua absolutely, complement says judiciary is being examined about implementing the policy of hempen buying and selling. Jeff of American attorney general? Saishensi (JeffSessions) objects relaxing hempen limitation is long already. In the speech March, he is hempen appearance " the drugs that compares herion good little only " , say the United States needs to encourage the people to be far from drugs. (The exercitation compiles: Zou Min goes over a manuscript or draft: Tan Liya)

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