43 city Chinese parade of complete beauty support Liang Bide to parade participator expresses aspiration

American time on Feburary 20, 2016, and other places of the 43 cities such as special zone of American new York, Washington, Bostonian, san Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami and Canadian Toronto, Montreal counts a Chinese to be on street, parade supports Liang Bide of police of foreign citizen of Chinese origin, created can to say history on the record of activity of the most large-scale Chinese parade demonstrate.

The sponsor that parades even line United States more for a short while reachs our newspaper reporter participator, record this United States the processional demonstrate activity with the largest scale on Chinese history.

New York:

Incident eddy center

Participator: Li Jiuyao, person of Zhejiang boat hill, zhejiang university graduates 83 times, went to the United States 1988.

New York, as the center of whole episode, the person that drew most display one's strength, newyork city 5 large areas and the number Chinese of area length an island build up here. The rendezvous of new York is in park of Ka Deman square, the court that Liang Bide of police officer of the foreign citizen of Chinese origin before the distance is convictioned counts the Yao of 100 paces only.

Li Jiuyao lives in new jersey, nod car Cheng from new York assembly about one half hours. He takes a bus to hurry to new York to attend meet

ing from new jersey. Li Jiuyao tells money newspaper reporter: 56 buses that we take are free, chinese boss and Chinese mass organizations offer a lot of buses freely.

About meeting site Li Jiuyao impression is the deepest is a few detail: English Chinese catchword cries very strongly very orderly; When stand in silent tribute when 3 minutes, tens of thousands of person was accomplished unexpectedly silent; After the assembly of tens of thousands of person drops off, a bit rubbish did not stay on the ground.

Liang Bide's mom made brief speech in the spot, bridge mom seems to be able to tell Cantonese only, carelessness is: Express a regret to gone black family, the son is joined alarm group at one wants to make contribution for the society, did not think of the accident became criminal case. Acknowledgment is all support them civilian elect an officer, acknowledgment community gets tribal chief, the support that appreciates all Chinese is waited a moment.

Be in meeting ground, a lot of Chinese and English media seek a coverage in spot Zuo , there still is two helicopters photography in sky.

Li Jiuyao says, this Chinese is all-time unite, the time of a week called together so much person, the network has meritorious service. Everybody feels silent before too much, want to phonate more later, much more voting, teach children to learn law to participate in government and political affairs more more, etc.

Li Jiuyao says: This assembly proved the Chinese is not in a state of disunity, chinese very unite, the Chinese also can phonate; Proving a Chinese is descendants of a paradigmatic a group of things with common features; Although American judicatory is relatively independent, but had had civilian choose assemblyman to come out to indicate position, hope the judge is punished lightly, also station of a lot of lawyers comes out to be willing to give counsel for bridge appeal.

New jersey Princeton:

Contend for fairness for Liang Bide, contend for future for the child

Participator: Shao Yuefei, be in the beauty 18 years, short for Zhejiang Province graduates greatly, work at US-made drug company now.

Shao Yuefei also lives in new jersey, what he attends is the assembly on Princeton town, probably 200 much people attend, we hope through this assembly parade lets American mainstream society know, the Chinese also can issue protest. The black was striven for made old ability have improvement, the power that our Chinese also wants to rely on his will improve position and image, it is for bridge police officer so, 2 it is for the Chinese in the future position.

Red of another plum of foreign citizen of Chinese origin that attends meeting says: Our demonstrate is aimed at any phyletic. In bridge case Central Africa descendantses and foreign citizen of Chinese origin is a victim. All people that had gotten unfair treatment should stand. Our purpose is the sound that gives out us: Strive for fairness for Liang Bide, contend for future for children.

The name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of summer of city of Luo Na of boreal card Lai is special:

Liang Bide needs a good lawyer

Sponsor: Zhong Weixiong, be in the beauty 18 years, initiator of combination of union of craft of sports of abroad Chinese culture, currently hold the post ofchairman.

The processional assembly foreign citizen of Chinese origin that enters town of Xia Luo spy has more than 100 people, zhong Weixiong is one of initiator. He tells money newspaper reporter, the Chinese that enters an activity maintains rational to have in advancing process according to, passionate ground recounts him the view of the unfair treatment that to bridge police officer one case place undergoes. The masses that attends meeting comes from all trades and professions, have in the United States each employee of big company, have manager of privately owned company, age span has to 70 old man from 4 years old of children.

Writing with English on the sign that the masses of assembly holds high: Everybody enjoys equal justice, give bridge police officer justice please! Do not become scapegoat, contingency is not crime and killing! Wait for catchword view.

Zhong Weixiong ever had held the position of a lawyer in home, his individual feels the lawyer plead of bridge police officer does not have pair of direction, can not persuade jury member adequately, the guilty court decision that also brought about big jury to be made to bridge police officer directly. A the biggest of course question is this case it is inadvertently handgun fire accidentally execute the law contingency, and the case of constabulary shoot dead that is not what inquisitor alludes in sue to be aimed at a victim.

Imprint city indiana Bolisi:

Face unjust, the choice cries out

Participator: Ding Husheng, zhejiang university 92 graduate, be in the beauty 17 years, limited company of network of American north beautiful jade is presiding apparitor, the sea encounters a net to combine father.

Local time on Feburary 20 morning at 11 o'clock, in American indiana Bolisi city (Indy) before the monument of downtown, ding Husheng participated in local Chinese overseas Chinese initiative local dimension authority meeting is proces


Processional meeting last a period of time two hours, come from university of Columbus city, indiana, general to spend and other places of university, IUPUI about 250 attended to protest an activity this to 300 people.

Ding Husheng says: Face unjust we chose to cry out, chose make a stand against, we are mixed for this pride proud. But the society that wants to have true equality and political place, this is far insufficient still. Today's completely beautiful protest rally also encountered a few resistance in Newyork city, the report of mainstream media also is not support a Chinese. Of Chinese group oneself appeal to beg and with other of a group of things with common features descendants communicate not quite consistent still also clarity, but these historical ports that do not affect this completely beautiful protest.

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